Why Marianne Bachmeier shot Klaus Grabowski explained in details

Marianne Bachmeier shot Klaus Grabowski in an act of vigilantism. Marianne is now remembered as the German lady, who shot and murdered her daughter Anna’s rapist and killer, Klaus Grabowski in the District Court of Lübeck in 1981.

The case generated a lot of media attention and public discussion. Bachmeier was found guilty of manslaughter and illegally possessing a firearm as a result.

After serving three years of her six-year sentence, she was granted bail and released. Bachmeier relocated before going back to Germany after receiving a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. She passed away at the age of 46 and was buried in Lübeck’s Burgtor Cemetery, close to her daughter, Anna.

On June 3, 1950, Marianne Bachmeier was born. Her parents had emigrated from East Prussia during World War II, and they had settled in the little town of Sarstedt in Lower Saxony, West Germany, where she was raised. Her father had been a Waffen-SS soldier.

She grew up in a traditional household with deeply religious parents. Her father was a heavy drinker who spent a lot of time at a bar adjacent to the family home, and he was a stereotypically domineering figure.

Her father’s behavior increased as a result of drinking, and their home was unpleasant. Her mother remarried after her parents divorced. Marianne Bachmeier’s mother eventually forcibly ejected her from the family because her stepfather, whom she characterized as being autocratic, thought she was a problematic adolescent.

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Why Marianne Bachmeier shot Klaus Grabowski

What happened to Marianne daughter Anne Bachmeier?

Anna Bachmeier decided to skip school after a fight with her mother on May 5, 1980, when she was seven years old. On this day, Klaus Grabowski, a 35-year-old butcher whose house Anna had previously visited to play with his cats, kidnapped Anna.

He sexually raped Anna at his house for several hours and strangled her with a pair of his fiancée’s tights. The prosecutor claims that he bound the young woman and placed her in a box before leaving it by the side of a canal. Then, his fiance gave him over to the police.

Grabowski had already served a sentence for the sex abuse of two girls and was a convicted sex offender. He voluntarily underwent chemical castration in 1976, but it was later discovered that he also received hormone therapy to try to undo the castration.

Grabowski claimed that after being detained, the girl wanted to tell her mother about how he had mistreated her in order to get money from her. He said that killing her was motivated by his dread of going back to prison.

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Who was Klaus Grabowski?

Klaus Grabowski was a 35-year-old butcher and convicted sex offender. He had already served time in prison for abusing two girls. Grabowski voluntarily underwent chemical castration in 1976, but it was later discovered that he also received hormone therapy to try to undo the castration.

Why Marianne Bachmeier shot Klaus Grabowski?

As explained, Marianne Bachmeier shot Klaus Grabowski for brutally raping and killing her daughter. Marianne Bachmeier snuck a Beretta 70 into Lübeck District Court’s room 157 on March 6, 1981, the third day of the trial, about 10 a.m., and shot Klaus Grabowski, her daughter’s admitted killer, in the back. She fired seven times while aiming the gun at Grabowski’s back. The 35-year-old defendant was wounded by six bullets and was killed nearly immediately. Then Bachmeier lowered her weapon, surrendering to capture without a struggle.

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