Why Fan Thinks Paul Redford Related To Robert Redford?

[Link to watch]: Why Fan Thinks Paul Redford Related To Robert Redford?

Is Paul Redford related to Robert Redford? What is the truth behind their relationship? Find out through the write-up.

American television writer and producer Paul Redford is known for his works in The West Wing, Motive, Designated Survivor, and When Calls the Heart.

Executive producer Robert Redford owns True Production- a digital media agency based in Chicago and Pittsburgh.

On the other hand, Robert Redford is an American actor and filmmaker who was a famous heartthrob in the 1970s.

Robert’s movie includes The Horse Whisperer, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Last Castle, and Out of Africa.

Similarly, Redford’s filmmaking as a director includes movies like Ordinary People, The Legend of Nagger Vance, Sacred Planet, and The motorcycle diaries.

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Fan Thinks Paul Redford Related To Robert Redford? Rumors Explained

Media and the internet often circulate rumors that Paul Redford is related to Robert Redford.

People who know the name of both public figures usually mention that Paul and Robert have familial relations.

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However, all of the above speculation and estimation are wrong. Paul Redford and Robert Redford are not related in personal terms. 

Only their surname is similar asides from that, the two American public figure and media personality.

As Paul and Robert work in the entertainment industry, they sometimes cross paths. As an actor, Robert Redford acted in movies and television co-written and co-produced by Paul Redford.

Robert is the respected senior Paul. He has learned from Robert about the sincerity needed in the film industry.

Paul Redford Related To Robert Redford
Producer Paul Redford and actor Robert Redford are not related in personal terms. (Source: Tvinsider)

Some of the netizens had pointed out that eighty-seven years old Robert might be the older brother to fifty-year-old Paul. Similarly, there was also news of Robert being Paul’s father, but that is not true.

Paul and Robert have made incredible reputations and influence on their terms in their respective fields. They are occasional acquaintances if they have to meet in some movie and tv show project.

Besides this, there is no familial, personal, or close relationship between Paul and Robert Redford. Thus, they are not related.

Paul Redford And Robert Redford Family Details

Paul Redford was born in America, but his family is originally from Canada. Later they moved to Mission Hills, Kansas.

After he joined Harvard University in 1976, Paul’s parents also moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Moreover, there is not much information about Paul’s family and parents. Similarly, his sibling’s details are also far from the media. Fifty-five years old Paul grew up in Kansas.

He now leads a happy, everyday, peaceful life with his wife and two children. As Paul is not so active on social media, we can assure you he is leading a happy family.

Paul Redford Related To Robert Redford
Paul Redford is the father of two adorable kids- one daughter and a son. (Source: Linkedin)

In contrast, Robert Redford’s personal life is well-known to fans. On August 9, 1958, Robert married Lola Van Wagenen in Las Vegas. 

Robert and Lola have four children: Scott Anthony Redford, Shauna Jean Redfort, David James Redford, and Amy Hart Redfort. The couple got divorced in 1985.

The father of four children, Robert, now has only two children. His eldest child Scott died in 1959, just two months after his premature death.

Similarly, his other son David James Redford died in October 2020 of Liver cancer.

Paul Redford Related To Robert Redford
Paul Redford with his children James, Shauna, and Amy Redhord (Source: Weekly)

Similarly, his two daughters Shauna is a painter, and Amy Redford is an actress, director, and producer.

The famous American actor Robert Redford resides in Sundance, Utah, with his current beloved wife, Sibylle Szaggars, and children.

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