Who Was The Best Bartender In America, Murray Stenson?

He holds the distinction of being the best bartender in America and many people have fond memories of him. But who really is Murray Stenson? In this article, we will take a detailed look at who he was and what happened to him.

After more than seven decades of life, he went home to rest when his death was reported on Friday, September 22, 2023.


Death of Murray Stenson

Considered the best bartender in America in 2010, Death of Murray Stenson being discussed this week. It’s always a sad moment when a family loses an influential figure like Murray, but when time is up and your work is done, you have to go, sadly.


The Seattle Times reported the story and added that Murray’s family received confirmation of his death that evening. The cause of death has not yet been announced; however, he was believed to be at his Uptown residence at the time.


Stenson’s cause of death is unknown; however, his daughter, Cali Freddolino, asserted that her father had some health problems before his death. Meanwhile, praise for Stenson from those who know him well or who admire his cocktail skills have flooded social media channels.

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Seattle Met claims that Murray Stenson is famous for his drink, The Last Word, which is considered a reinterpretation of the best cocktails in America. People who came to his pub to drink also enjoyed his presence.

Fans of wine and drink are said to have mourned Stenson’s passing as a great loss. He was cited as a mentor, friend and inspiration to a generation of bartenders in a Facebook post by The Admiralty Lounge. When news of his passing spread online, netizens also flooded several other social media channels to send their condolences.

Who is Murray Stenson?

Murray Stenson's obituary and cause of death
Murray Stenson

On the occasion of his sad passing, many people wanted to know more about America’s best bartender; So who is Murray Stenson? Murray Stenson grew up in Colville and was born there in 1949. His mother Eileen was a homemaker, while his father Wayne, who served in the Army Air Corps during World War II, was a principal an elementary school. The family then moved to Kirkland, where his father began working as a teacher.


After graduating in 1967, Murray Stenson enrolled at Shoreline Community College. After that, he started working as a shoe salesman at a small JC Penney store. He went through several job changes before landing at Benjamins in Bellevue.

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At Benjamins bar, Murray Stenson began working and became known for his quick reflexes. A bar manager at Henry’s Off Broadway admired his work and hired him on the spot as a result.


He frequented a bar called Oliver’s in the 1980s, and despite many problems in his personal life, he was still able to carry out his bartending duties. He then joined Il Bistro, the company that helped him become successful. He walked out of Il Bistro and joined Zig Zag. It’s interesting to note that at one time, Stenson’s drinks were the main attraction for patrons.

Cali Freddolino, Murray’s daughter, and Colin Stenson, his son, are left behind.


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