Who is Wanelda Farmer And What Did She Say? Netizens React As TikToker Seemingly Announces Divorce From Gary

Wanelda Farmer, also known as Wanelda Diaries, is a well-known social media user who is well-known for her selfie-style vlogs. As more people connected with her real and amusing content on websites like Facebook and YouTube, she became more well-known.

She creates a range of YouTube videos where she gives guidance on love, money, self-help, and inspiration. She has achieved great success in her profession as a social media personality. The past few days have seen her make the news for what netizens say is a confirmation of her divorce from her husband, Gray. What did she say that has fans feeling their end has come?

Who Is Wanelda Farmer?

Her online activity has got people asking more questions about who she is, so, what do you know about Wanelda Farmer and her journey on social media?

Wanelda Farmer, a well-known social media personality, started her adventure in 2015 when she introduced The Wanelda Diaries on Facebook. Since then, she has had a sharp rise in popularity and is now looked to by her supporters for inspiration and motivation. She has posted a number of vlogs online, some of which also include her husband, Gary, and their kids.

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However, in 2023, online reports about Wanelda and Gary’s problems started to spread, and internet users conjectured that Gary had a drinking problem. Wanelda Farmer responded to the claims on TikTok in July 2023 and revealed that she and her spouse were divorcing. She went on to say that the claims that Gary was an alcoholic were untrue.

In a lengthy TikTok video posted in July 2023, Wanelda Farmer addressed the accusations surrounding her three-year marriage. This happened after numerous individuals conjectured that Gary had a drinking issue and questioned whether he was involved in an affair.

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What Did The TikToker Say? Did She Confirm Divorce From Gray?

People in social media will always base their assumptions and draw conclusions on them, which is why many people constantly have to be aware of things happening around them In the wake of all the rumors, Wanelda Farmer felt it was right to speak out in order to set the record straight on what was happening in her relationship.

Wanelda Farmer had a few things to say recording all the rumors about her relationship with her husband, Gray; here are some of the things she said:

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“I feel like there’s a lot of assumptions being made and a lot of conclusions being drawn that aren’t true, and I hate for somebody to think something that isn’t true.”

Gary does not currently have any troubles relating to alcohol, according to Wanelda Farmer, while also talking about what divorce could mean.

“Divorce can be nasty, separation can be nasty, breakups can be nasty,” she said. “All I have to say for now. Please be respectful, as our kids have access to social media, and nothing like this is ever easy,” she continued.

Well, do you think her comments confirm her divorce from her husband? The public is currently eager to learn more about Wanelda and Gary’s relationship status.

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