Who Is Virginia Mom Lauren Cook Husband Jordan Cook? Kids

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Who is Lauren Cook’s husband Jordan Cook? Lauren’s family details were all over the media. So take a closer look!

Virginia’s mother Lauren Cook has been missing with her three children for two weeks. According to the sources, she was last seen on September 5 along with her three children.

The news is being widely shared on online portals and an investigation is underway. Likewise, the police have released the photo of all the missing people, including children.

No clue has been found regarding the missing person case so far and the heartbreaking situation has evoked a wide response from the community with everyone helping to track down the missing person.

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Virginia Mother Lauren Cook Husband: Who is Jordan Cook?

Lauren Cook is a married woman and also a family man. According to the latest report, she was living with her husband Jordan Cook, who shares custody of three children.

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Jordan has also appeared in the media and spoken about his missing wife and children, saying, “My wife and children are not ‘missing.'” I have no reason to be concerned about their safety or well-being. I have heard from my wife and I am sure that she and my children are doing well.”

Lauren Cook husband
Lauren Cook’s husband Jordan shared custody of the children and lived together. (Source: The Sun)

Likewise, Jordan has requested privacy for his family as the images of his wife and children have been shared publicly on multiple online sources and news channels.

However, Jordan has not revealed much about himself and his professional details are missing from current sources.

Apart from that, Jordan has hardly appeared in the media, so very few details about Jordan are available at this time.

Therefore, more information regarding Jordan’s personal and professional details may be updated soon.

Lauren Cook children Benjamin, Hannah and Elijah

Lauren Cook and her three children Benjamin, Hannah and Elijah have been missing for almost two weeks. They were last seen on September 5th.

Benjamin is a 7-year-old son and Hannah and Elijah Cook are 5 and 2 years old, respectively.

In addition, the children were named on the Exploited Children’s and National Center for Missing websites.

The children and their mother were supposed to go to the family home but never showed up.

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The incident has traumatized her family and those close to her and they are constantly searching for Lauren and her children.

Lauren Cook children
The picture of Lauren Cook’s children as well as Benjamin, Hannah and Elijah was shared on several online sources. (Source: Yahoo)

Police have not released any official information about the case because they are unsure whether the complicated argument could have caused Cook to flee.

However, there is no record of domestic violence between the two in Franklin County. Jordan, the father of three, was also not involved in the disappearance of his wife and children, police said.

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Who is Lauren Cook?

Lauren Cook is known as the Virginia mother. The name recently surfaced online as she went missing along with her children.

Cook is a family man and is married to Jordan Cook. It has now been two weeks and officials have not been officially given any details about Cook and her three children.

Lauren Cook missing case
Social media users shared Lauren Cook’s missing person case on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

Cook’s phone was last pinged in Lexington; Many tried to contact her as the query remained unanswered. Lauren’s family is worried and is doing everything they can to reach her.

More details on Cook’s missing person case may appear on news portals soon, so stay tuned with us.

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