Who Is Sean Davis? CEO Of ‘The Federalist’ Slammed For Calling Taylor Swift ‘Dumb’

Maybe you don’t want to pick a fight with Taylor Swift, lest the ‘Swifties’ come looking for you. This is something Sean Davis had to deal with after his comments about X where he said, “Taylor Swift is stupid and her music sucks.”

As expected, the backlash is underway—at least from ‘Swifties’. Following his comments, people have been searching for more details about who Sean Davis is.


One thing happens when you go look at stars like Taylor Swift is that you will get some attention, even if not from her, which is almost unlikely, but from her fans. Sean Davis is definitely getting a lot of attention here, which is why searches for information about him have increased since he made those comments about Taylor Swift.


We’ll learn more about what he had to say about Taylor Swift, but in the next part of this article, you’ll learn more about who Sean Davis is.


Who is Sean Davis?

The Federalist, launched in September 2013, is run by Sean Davis, who is also one of its co-founders. According to his biography on the publication’s official website, Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas, previously used Davis as an economic policy advisor.

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He served as chief investigator for Senator Tom Coburn and chief financial officer of the Daily Caller. Due to his leadership in promoting passage of the United States Spending Act, The Hill reportedly ranked Davis as one of the top congressional staffers under 35 years of age.

The bio also states that Sean Davis holds an MBA in finance and business management from the Wharton School as well as a BBA in finance from Texas Tech University.

What did Sean Davis do?

The CEO and co-founder of the right-leaning podcast and online publication The Federalist, Sean Davis, recently came under fire for calling Taylor Swift “stupid” and saying her “music sucks.” “.


Davis took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share an article from The Federalist written by Mark Hemingway and titled “Taylor Swift’s Fame Is a Sign of Social Decline.” Davis shared the article on X with the caption: “Taylor Swift is stupid and her music sucks.”

Swift’s passionate and devoted audience, known as “Swifties,” immediately criticized Davis for his comments about the pop star, and he faced their wrath.


Hemingway, author of an article related to Swift in The Federalist that Sean Davis linksaid that “audiences and elite tastemakers alike have decided that Taylor Swift’s narcissistic lyrics and clichéd music are a cultural triumph” before asking, “but why Why are we celebrating this?”

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Hemingway admitted that he understood “important aspects” of Swift’s appeal but added that he was “unsure” whether “the pop star’s popularity is a testament to her talent.” Are not”.


Swift’s followers were angered by the article and Davis’ comments, and many of them criticized Davis on social media.

“If you fought in the war, your parents would rather raise the flag again,” one tweet read. “We both know you don’t believe that. Angry clicks will pay you,” another person mentioned.

“She has over 103 million Swifties! 48% are Male and 52% are Female. I thought you were outnumbered!” another declared. From some of these comments, it’s clear that Swifties don’t take kindly to Sean Davis’s comments.


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