Who is Inna Vernikov? Councilwoman Gets Kissed By Stranger In Viral Video

A councilwoman gets kissed by a stranger in her line of duty, the video goes viral, and there has been a lot of talk about the act since then. The woman at the center of the event, Inna Vernikov, is an American attorney and politician serving as a member of the New York City Council for the 48th District. Who really is the woman at the center of all this? What do you know about her? In this piece, we are going to delve into the details of the said viral kissing video and then let you know more about her.

Details of The Viral Video of Council Woman Getting Kissed By Stranger

A man walked by the New York City councilwoman as she was doing a TV interview, kissed her on the cheek, and she yelled out in shock.’What the f*** was that?!,’ she yelled out. Inna Vernikov, 38, was being interviewed by CBS New York on Thursday in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, which is where she represents. The Republican can be seen flinching in terror as a passerby kisses her cheek before laughing and walking away.

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‘Not the kind of love I expect from constituents!’ she tweeted. ‘Very creepy moment.’ She thanked her colleagues for condemning the man’s actions. Majority Leader Keith Powers said: ‘Very gross behavior. Hope my colleague @InnaVernikov is okay.’

Democratic representative for the eastern Bronx Marjorie Velasquez sent Inna Vernikov her sympathy.

‘This disgusting behavior is unfortunately all too common in the day-to-day lives of women,’ said Velasquez. ‘We can not let sexual assault become a normalized part of our public interactions. ‘I hope @NYPD can track this assailant down and bring swift justice.’

Quite a lot of people have publically condemned the incident involving Inna Vernikov. Democrat Erik Bottcher expressed his sadness over the man’s conduct, noting that his district encompasses Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, and the West Village.

‘This is totally unacceptable and the kind of thing that women have to deal with far too often, unfortunately,’ he said.

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Lynn Schulman, a Democrat for Queens, called the incident ‘abhorrent and disgusting.’ She added: ‘Hope the assailant is found. Sadly, this type of unacceptable behavior typically happens to women, even in 2023.’

Robert Holden, a Republican representing Queens, said: ‘This isn’t funny in the slightest. It’s amazing how many creeps are walking the streets!’

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Selvena Brooks-Powers, a Democrat representing Queens, said it was shocking that the man felt he could act with impunity.

‘This is gross and scary!’ she said. ‘And, the fact that this person was so comfortable to kiss a complete stranger while being recording is alarming.

‘We have to call out this behavior and hold people like that accountable.’

If you were wondering why Inna Vernikov has been in the news after the kissing videos involving her went viral, these are the details of the incident. Since then, people have been asking to know more about the politician and the next sections of this article will let you know more about her.

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Who Is Inna Vernikov?

Inna Vernikov, an American lawyer and politician who represents the 48th District in the New York City Council, was born on August 30, 1984. Her district encompasses the Brooklyn communities of Brighton Beach, West Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Gravesend, and portions of Midwood and Sheepshead Bay. She is the Minority Whip of the City Council. Vernikov, who was formerly a Democrat, is now a Republican.

Jewish parents gave birth to Inna Vernikov in Chernivtsi in the Ukrainian SSR of the Soviet Union (now southwestern Ukraine). She went to the Ukrainian Jewish day school ORT Specialized School #41. She moved to the country with her family when she was 12 years old. She graduated from Baruch College with a BA and from Florida Coastal School of Law with a JD.

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Inna Vernikov worked as Dov Hikind’s assistant in the New York State Assembly. Vernikov practiced law as an immigration and divorce lawyer prior to standing for the city council.

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