Who is Cory Sandhagen Brother, Jacob Sandhagen?

Cory Sandhagen is a competent mixed martial artist from the United States who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Bantamweight division.

He began his professional fighting career in 2015 and has competed in a number of fights, demonstrating his ability and talents.

Sandhagen is now ranked #4 in the UFC bantamweight standings as of May 9, 2023, a tribute to his achievements in the sport.

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Cory, in addition to his great MMA career, now teaches mixed martial arts at High Altitude Martial Arts in Colorado.

Additionally, he contributes to society by working part-time at a children’s trauma center. Throughout his journey, Cory Sandhagen has earned several accolades for his exceptional performances against tough opponents, establishing himself as a prominent UFC fighter.

Who was Jacob Sandhagen?

Cory Sandhagen’s brother, Jacob Sandhagen, died at an early age, however, the actual cause of death is unknown.

The two brothers had an extremely tight bond, more similar to friendship than a conventional fraternal relationship. They grew raised in the same town and went to the same elementary school.

Unfortunately, there is little information accessible about Jacob Sandhagen, and his occupation is unknown to the general public. Cory Sandhagen, the successful mixed martial artist, was born on April 20, 1992, in Aurora, Colorado, making him 31 years old.

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Cory used to play basketball and was a member of his high school’s basketball team. His focus then changed to combat sports, specifically kickboxing, before transferring to mixed martial arts, where he won a WKA world title. Cory Sandhagen obtained his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder.

While Cory has opted not to reveal his family’s identities in order to protect their privacy, he freely recognizes their enormous effect on his life. His father worked in construction, his mother at a hospital, and his grandpa was a farmer, according to him.

Despite his brother’s untimely death, Cory Sandhagen values his family’s support as he pursues his extraordinary MMA career.

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