Who Is Camela Leierth-Segura?  Katy Perry’s Songwriter Reportedly Gone Missing

The well-known songwriter for Katy Perry, Camela Leierth-Segura, is missing and being sought after. On June 29, Camela Leierth-Segura, 48, was last observed in Beverly Hills, according to the website of the California Department of Justice.

She is a skilled songwriter, and she contributed to Katy Perry’s “Walking On Air.” Leierth-Segura was born and raised in Sweden, where her sister and most of her relatives still live.

Leierth-Segura had been difficult for her sister to reach for weeks, so she turned to local Beverly Hills acquaintances for help, but they were equally unable in finding her.

A missing persons report was made at this time. On August 1, after the singer’s family in Sweden called them pleading for assistance, her friends contacted the Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD).

Liz Montgomery, a friend of Leierth-Segura, told the Los Angeles Times that police saw her car driving in Beverly Hills on June 20 at around three in the morning, but that she hasn’t been seen since.

The only lead that local officials in Beverly Hills have in their current search for Leierth-Segura is her silver 2010 Ford Fusion car, which was found at a place in the city.

Leierth-Segura demonstrated her outstanding talent as a singer and songwriter throughout her entire life. Notably, she and Perry co-wrote the smash song “Walking on Air,” which bears her name as a writer.

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Additionally, she has a collection of solo compositions that are accessible on websites like Spotify and YouTube. Leierth-Segura had modelling experience as well.

How Old Is Camela Leierth-Segura?

Camela Leierth-Segura was 48 years old when she got missing.



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