Who Is Ben Armstrong’s Wife, Bethany Armstrong?

Bethany Armstrong is Ben Armstrong’s wife, but what do you know about his lovely wife? In this article, we will learn the details about who the crypto enthusiast’s wife is and what their relationship has been like over the years.

Ben Armstrong, commonly known as Bitboy Crypto, is famous in the cryptocurrency world. His journey began in 2012 when he made his first Bitcoin investment. But subsequent appearances dented his professional standing. According to reports, he left BitBoy Crypto because of controversies, such as the meme coin scandal and potential legal issues.


Many people were interested in learning more about his personal life, especially his marriage and relationships, during the controversy. Analyze every aspect of a currently known crypto influencer’s personal life. Read more to learn more about who Bethany Armstrong, Ben Armstrong’s wife, is.


Ben Armstrong’s wife, Bethany Armstrong: Who is she?

For nearly a decade, Bethany Armstrong has been a cryptocurrency enthusiast, the wife of Ben Armstrong. The couple has had fun times together over the years. Blogger Bethany always supports her husband’s work. She enjoys reading books and discussing them with others. Additionally, the crypto influencer’s wife also has a YouTube account.

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Three sons and one daughter make up an adorable family of four that the Armstrong family loves so much. Their children’s names and dates of birth have not been made public. They appear in Bethany and Ben’s social media updates, which shows how happy they make him. Armstrong achieved success and controversy during his time at Bitboy Crypto.

His family has always been a steady source of love and support, especially his wife Bethany and their four children. Bethany must be in her house in America if anyone is wondering where she is.

The Ben Armstrong case

People want to know more about Ben Armstrong’s wife because he is believed to have had an affair. The relationship between the Armstrongs was not without difficulties.

At the end of August, the crypto influencer posted an emotional video on BitBoy Crypto’s official YouTube account. In the video, he sought to shed light on the ongoing disputes and earnestly asked for forgiveness from viewers and, more importantly, his wife.


In his video statement, Ben Armstrong admitted to having an affair with someone other than his wife Bethany. He admitted how long this romance had lasted. However, the video does not give any accurate information about the adulterous party.

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On social media sites like Twitter, there are rumors that Cassandra Wolfe will be the subject. Ben’s admission of infidelity was a difficult realization for his family and his supporters, no matter who she was. Additionally, on September 1, Bethany Armstrong posted one touching video including some of the special times she had with her husband, Ben.


After all that happened, Ben Armstrong’s wife is still by his side. She added the caption to her video, “I choose you.” The couple has decided to start a new chapter in their relationship and this poignant note shows that Bethany has found it in herself to forgive Ben. Public reaction to Ben and Bethany’s predicament is mixed. There is no doubt that the Armstrong family’s difficulties put their marriage to the test..

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