Who is Alicia Menendez husband, Carlos Prío Odio?

Learn about Alicia Menendez’s husband and the exciting trip they took together. Learn more about her husband and how they came together here.

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Alicia Menendez is a writer, host, and television critic in the United States. Many people know her as the host of the MSNBC show “American Voices.”


She also runs the show “Latina to Latina” and serves as a guest writer for Bustle in other roles. Their book is called “The Likeability Trap: How to Break Out and Be as Successful as You Are.”


Alicia Menendez’s husband: Who is Carlos Prío Odio?

Alicia Menendez's husband: Who is Carlos Prío Odio?
Alicia Menendez and her husband, Carlos Prío Odio

Carlos Prío Odio, husband of Alicia Menendez, has a long and interesting history. He worked in politics and public interest throughout his career.


Carlos was born in Miami and grew up in a family with a long tradition of politics. He has made his own mark in the political field.

Carlos’ maternal grandfather, Carlos, was President of Cuba from 1948 to 1952. This was an important part of Carlos’ family background. This connection to the past shows how deeply rooted Carlos is in Cuban politics.

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Carlos’ political career began when he joined Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008.

He served as Deputy Latino Election Director during this campaign, which shows how much he wants to get people from different groups involved in politics.


Because of his hard work during the campaign, he was promoted to Deputy Director of the White House Political Office from 2009 to 2011.

Carlos Odio is currently the CEO of Florida Alliance. Florida Alliance is a nonprofit group that works on a variety of social and residential projects.


This work shows that he remains dedicated to making life better for people in Florida.

Carlos is a co-founder of Equislab and works with the Florida Alliance. This shows that he is participating in new projects that aim to make a good difference in many fields.


Carlos Prío Odio’s marriage to Alicia Menendez, a famous television host and author, drew attention to their interesting lives and dedication to public service.

They work together to form a strong team because they both want to make the world a better place, both in their neighborhoods and on a larger scale.

Their relationship not only shows how close they are as people, but also how much they care about improving society.

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Carlos Prío Odio Age: How old is he?

Carlos Prío Odio hasn’t said for sure how old he is online, but based on his appearance and the information we have, it appears he’s in his 40s.

He has worked on major political campaigns and in the White House Political Bureau, both of which are indicative of the typical level of professional experience for someone in their 40s.

Usually, celebrities, especially those who have worked in politics or civil service, will keep personal information such as their exact age a secret.


What they really care about is their work and the issues they fight for.

Carlos’ achievements, such as his work on the 2008 Obama campaign and his current roles in nonprofits and new businesses, show that he has devoted How interested are you in public service and community development?

Regardless of his age, his work on various projects shows that he wants to make a difference for the better.


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