Who is Adam Britton Wife, Erin Britton?

Adam Britton’s wife, Erin Britton, is certainly not having it easy at the moment, nor is her husband having it easy as his problems with animals came to light when he admitted to abusing animals. sexually abused and killed dozens of dogs. After the incident, people are searching for information about Britton’s wife.

In this article, we will tell you more about what we know about Erin Britton. In addition, we will tell you why the name Adam Britton is mentioned by many people, especially animal lovers.


Adam Britton is a famous zoologist. At Charles Darwin University, Britton worked as a senior research associate and holds a Ph.D. in zoology. Along with running Big Gecko, a thriving crocodile research and consulting company, he also keeps saltwater crocodiles as pets on his property.


What did Adam Britton do?

Wikipedia and Adam Britton's Age
Adam Britton has a PhD in zoology

Before learning more about Adam Britton’s wife, Erin Britton, let’s learn more about the issues surrounding the zoologist, who has been in the news recently after he was found to have participated in a number of allegedly inappropriate acts towards animals, which he admitted to.


The renowned British academic and crocodile expert has pleaded guilty to 56 animal cruelty crimes, including the rape, torture and killing of dogs.

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According to Australian media, until his arrest in April 2022, Adam Britton allegedly tortured and exploited more than 42 dogs. The 51-year-old zoologist based in Darwin, Australia, accepted the charges and pleaded guilty to four counts of accessing and transferring child abuse material when he appeared in court on Monday.

Chief Justice Michael Grant commented that the offense, which resulted in the deaths of 39 dogs, “can only be described as grotesque cruelty” and ordered spectators, security staff and media to leave. courtroom before prosecutor Marty Aust read the specific charges.

The judge said: “These facts contain material that can only be described as grotesque and depraved acts of cruelty, disturbing and distressing and in my judgment potentially shocking terrible”.


According to court testimony, Britton especially had a “sadistic sexual preference” for dogs. In addition to mistreating his own dogs, he also obtained animals from careless pet owners in the Darwin area.

Mr Aust told the court: “He often built relationships with dog owners in negotiating custody of their animals, many of whom were reluctant to give up their pets due to business trip or business trip”. If you’re Erin Britton, Adam Britton’s wife, the past few days must have been very difficult for you.


According to the prosecution, Britton had a shipping container on his property that he used “to torture, sexually exploit and kill dogs” and that also included video recording equipment. Under false names, he posted videos and pictures of himself mistreating dogs on online forums.

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In one text message, he wrote: “I have been suppressing it. In recent years I’ve been emitting it again, and now I can’t stop it. I don’t want to.”


According to ABC News, police seized 44 items, including sex toys, computers, cell phones, cameras, external hard drives, tools and guns. Adam Britton works for the BBC and National Geographic programs in addition to his role as a senior researcher at Charles Darwin University.

He once hosted Sir David Attenborough, who apparently used his property to film part of a documentary series when the venerable broadcaster was there. Adam Britton remains in custody until sentencing on December 13.

Adam Britton’s wife: Who is Erin Britton?

Adam Britton
Adam Britton has a PhD in zoology

Erin Britton is the wife of Adam Britton, with whom she has been married for many years—15 years. Erin is a biologist and wildlife ranger. She has been silent since her husband’s detention, and her age, birthplace, and circumstances are unknown. No evidence was found to suggest that Erin knew about her husband’s actions and she is believed to have since dropped his last name.


Erin’s private life is largely unknown; however, she and her husband co-founded the consulting company Big Gecko, which sells alligator footage to film and television producers.

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The horror film Black Water, starring Maeve Dermody and Diana Glenn, features their saltwater crocodile named Smaug.

During filming of the Bafta-winning BBC series Life in Cold Blood, which investigates cold-blooded amphibians, the pair once greeted each other. David Attenborough to their home. The duo were seen speaking about their investigation on ABC News and Triple J’s Hack news program, about six months before he was taken into custody.


Adam Britton’s wife must be going through a lot. During the COVID lockdown in 2020, the couple recorded themselves feeding a freshwater crocodile at home and uploaded the video to Facebook.

In the clip, Britton says: ‘Hello everyone, it’s Adam. Well, we’re at home right now and we have to feed the crocodile. ‘So what I’m going to do is I’m going to give this camera to Erin – say ‘hello’, Erin.’

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