Who Is Abel Góngora, The Scott Pilgrim Anime Director?

If you are a lover of animation and watch a lot of animation series, you may have come across Spanish animator and director Abel Góngora, the Scott Pilgrim Anime director. If you have not, you do not need to bother, as you are going to learn more about him in this write-up.

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If you happen not to have heard about The Scott Pilgrim Anime director, Abel Góngora, you will get to know more about him in this write-up. Learn more about his life and career in the next sections of this article.

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Who Is Abel Góngora?

Spanish animator and director Abel Góngora, who was born on July 30, 1983, is well-known for his work with the Japanese animation studio Science SARU. Góngora is the leader of Science SARU’s digital animation division and joined the company as one of its first workers.

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He is an expert in the use of Adobe Animate. In addition to being an animator, Góngora has also directed T0-B1, a short film section of the Disney+ anthology series Star Wars: Visions, and promotional episodes of the American series OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes.

Early Life And Education

Góngora was raised in the Spanish town of Elche after being born in Barcelona. He loved to draw comics as a child and dreamed of one day owning a store where he could sell them. He received his degree from the Technical University of Valencia after studying animation.

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Career Beginnings of Abel Góngora

When Abel Góngora joined the Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon in 2006, he began his professional career there. He worked on the television show Skunk Fu! (2007–2008) as an animator after beginning as a setting designer. Góngora relocated to France in 2007 and joined the Ankama animation studio, where he served as an animator on the first seasons of Ankama’s Flash-animated series Wakfu (2008–12).

During his tenure at Ankama, the company established its Ankama Japan affiliate in Japan and relocated 25 European animators to its Tokyo studio to collaborate with a group of Japanese artists. One of the animators who briefly relocated to Tokyo was Góngora. While there, he collaborated with the director, Masaaki Yuasa, who would go on to co-found Science SARU.

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Góngora went back to the principal Ankama studio in France after Ankama Japan shut down in 2011. He nevertheless kept in touch with Yuasa and his producer colleague, Eunyoung Choi, and after Science SARU was established in 2013, he joined the new business.

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Along with Choi and Yuasa, Góngora was one of the original five employees hired by Science SARU. Góngora has been a fan of Yuasa’s work since seeing it in the animated series Kemonozume (2006) and was excited to collaborate with him because of his distinct artistic taste and directing approach.

Science SARU prioritizes the use of “digitally assisted animation,” which combines hand-drawn and digital animation using programs like Adobe Animate, in contrast to other Japanese animation studios that have concentrated either on traditional hand-drawn animation or computer animation. One benefit of this production method is that it allows for efficiency with a small team.

It was revealed in January 2022 that Góngora would helm a Netflix anime version of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels.

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