Who Are His Mother And Father?

Many readers are curious to know more about Sara Sharif’s parents; A 10-year-old girl was found dead. Sara Sharif, a 10-year-old girl, was found dead on August 10, 2023.

The fact that the girl suffered many serious injuries over time surprised experts.

In connection with the murder investigation, British police have identified Urfan Sharif, 41, as the person they want to interview as part of the investigation.

What was worrying was that her father, Urfan Sharif, who was in Pakistan at the time, called.

In response to this disturbing tragedy, Surrey Police and Sussex Police’s Major Crime Team launched an investigation to uncover the truth surrounding Sara’s untimely death. This investigation is still ongoing and investigators have identified three people they want to investigate: Sara’s father, his partner Beinash Batool, 29, and Urfan’s brother, Faisal Malik, 28 year old.

Urfan along with his partner and brother arrived in Islamabad, Pakistan on Wednesday, August 9, just a day before Sara’s sad discovery.

Sara’s mother, who was devastated by the tragedy, forced her ex-husband and Sara’s father, Urfan, to explain herself. The case of the 10-year-old boy is receiving a lot of public attention.

Who is Sara Sharif’s mother?

Who is Sara Sharif's mother?
Sara Sharif’s mother desperately tried to contact her ex-husband after discovering she was dead – as police hunted him in Pakistan, according to reports.

Olga Sharif is the mother of Sara Sharif, a 10-year-old child who was found dead at her father’s house last Thursday.

Many people are searching for information about Sara Sharif and her mother on Wikipedia. However, it should be noted that neither of them have their own articles on Wikipedia.

Olga Sharif was born in Poland in 1987. As of 2023, she is 36 years old. Olga Sharif, Sara Sharif’s mother, was a devout Catholic.

In November 2009, Olga Sharif married her ex-husband, Urfan Sharif, however, their marriage failed. Sara Sharif’s parents divorced in 2017 after 8 years of marriage. Additionally, authorities have begun an investigation and three people are being sought. However, they believe they have fled the country.

What Olga Sharif said about her daughter

Olga Sharif revealed in an interview with The Sun that she has not seen Sara Sharif for four years.

Mrs. Sharif was on her way back to Poland when she received a phone call informing her of her daughter’s death.

“I burst into tears when they told me that Sara had been found dead in a house,” Olga recalls. It took her six hours to return to the UK.

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“I couldn’t see my daughter for four years and now she’s gone.” She is a small child. “She didn’t do anything wrong,” Olga Shariff commented.

Furthermore, the grieving mother asserted that when her late daughter moved in with her father, her behavior changed significantly and his control over her increased.

Olga comes from a Catholic family, as mentioned above. “They will not eat certain foods because they are not halal,” Ms. Sharif said in the same interview with The Sun.

Oga said that her ex-husband, Urfan, told her that their children would be Muslim, but she replied, “No, they will learn about both religions.”

“I don’t want to force the kids.” “I assure them that they can become Muslims later if they want,” Olga added.

According to reports, officials were alerted to the house where Sara’s body was discovered last week due to concerns for Sara’s health.

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