Where Is Andrea Vazquez Boyfriend Now? Murder Case Update

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Where Is Andrea Vazquez boyfriend Now? Gabriel Esparza pleads not guilty to murdering his partner. Here is everything on Vazquez’s kidnapped and murdered case update. 

Andrea Vazquez was a missing teen whose dead body had been found following a violent kidnapping. Vazquez’s name is currently swirling on the internet. 

Further, the teen was randomly kidnapped over the weekend while she was with her boyfriend in a Los Angeles park.

As per the sources, the teen and her boyfriend were sitting in the parked car at Penn Park when an armed man approached them and began shooting.

Gabriel Sean Esparza was arrested in connection with the crime. Similarly, he is facing charges of murder and kidnapping. The teen is currently being held without bail. Multiple questions are asked about him, and people want to know where he is now. 

Where Is Andrea Vazquez Boyfriend Now?

The 20-year-old murder suspect, Gabriel Esparza, has pleaded not guilty and is being held without bail. As per the latest report, the next court date is scheduled for Oct. 25.

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The officials haven’t shared much about Gabriel and the case details. Seven formal charges have been filed against 20-year-old Esparza for his involvement with the death of Andrea Vazquez. 

Esparza is the son of a Los Angeles County fire captain. Vazquez was a 19-year-old girl who was kidnapped during a shooting at a park over the weekend. 

Andrea Vazquez Boyfriend
Andrea Vazquez’s boyfriend, Gabriel Esparza, is being held without bail for the alleged murder. (Source: The US Sun)

Esparza and Vazquez were attacked by an unknown person when they were sitting in the park. Esparza ran from the scene, and when she returned, he discovered the blood, and Gabriel was also missing from there. 

Additionally, he was arrested after a highly detailed confession. Esparza claimed that he didn’t know Vazquez or the man. As per Esparza’s confession, Gabriel was in the car with him when she was kidnapped and allegedly attacked them unexpectedly. 

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Andrea Vazquez Kidnapped And Murder Case Update

Andrea Vazquez was kidnapped and killed. The incident happened near the parking stalls of Whittier’s Penn Park. Vazquez was last seen shortly after midnight on Sunday, Aug. 20. 

The teen’s dead body was discovered in Moreno Valley in Riverside County late Monday, and her partner, Esparza, was arrested earlier in the day.

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Andrea Vazquez Kidnapped
Andrea Vazquez was kidnapped and killed. (Source: Reddit)

The complaint alleged that Esparza attacked Vazquez and intended to commit rape. Likewise, Investigators also reported that a rifle used for the kidnapping and murder belonged to someone in Esparza’s home, which was recovered after Esparza was arrested. 

Additionally, Attorney Ambrosio Rodriguez is representing Esparza in this case. And he comes from a good family, and everyone who knows him can’t believe that he has been charged with this crime.” 

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Who Was Andrea Vazquez? 

Andrea Vazquez was a teen who was brutally murdered this week. Besides, she was a fashion student at Fullerton College. There, she was set to start her second year on Tuesday.

Her name came into media prominence after she was found dead on August 21, 2023, after being shot by an assailant in Penn Park over the weekend.

Andrea Vazquez Friend
Andrea Vazquez was close to her family and friends. (Source: Twitter)

She was in her boyfriend’s car at the parking stalls of Penn Park in Whittier just after midnight on Sunday when an attacker approached the car and shot her before abducting her from the scene.

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