Where Are They From? Family Ethnicity

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The identity of Angie Oeh parents has become a topic of heightened curiosity due to the unfortunate passing of the acclaimed South African singer.

Afrikaans rapper Angelique Eurika Greeff, known by the moniker Angie Oeh, has left everyone as of today.

The mumble rapper had collaborated with notable artists such as Jack Parow, Van Pletzen, Loufi, Biggy, and producer DJ Kay Faith on some of her tracks.

Unfortunately, she passed away on Saturday after being diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer.

Her demise occurred at Life Wilgers Hospital in Pretoria, where she had been receiving treatment since her diagnosis earlier in the week.

Following her demise, there has been a surge in searches about her parents and other family details.

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Angie Oeh Parents: Where Are They From?

Angie Oeh had made significant strides in the South African rap scene in the past few years.

Following her passing, there was a curiosity about her parents, although the singer/rapper had not shared any information about her mother and father.

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Her family had not provided any obituary or funeral details or released any official statements.

Angelique Eurika Greeff, who was 24 years old and known as Angie Oeh, passed away on Saturday due to a Stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis.

Angie Oeh Parents
Angie Oeh has not given any details about her parents and their origin (Source: Texx and the City)

Greeff’s demise occurred at Life Wilgers Hospital in Pretoria, following her diagnosis on Monday.

Wynand Myburgh, also known as Valkie van Coke, who was both Angie’s manager and friend, expressed deep sadness over her young age at the time of her passing.

He praised her creativity, work ethic, and genuine character, noting that her music would continue to resonate and that her memory would endure.

Louise Crouse, Greeff’s PR manager, conveyed News24’s information that they were profoundly saddened and devastated by her untimely departure.

In 2022, Greeff underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor measuring 15cm in diameter from her back.

About two months before her passing, she began experiencing pain in her side. On Monday, her cancer diagnosis was confirmed.

Myburgh previously informed News24 that Greeff had sought medical attention, and after enduring unbearable pain, she was admitted to the hospital. 

In a recent Instagram post, she appealed for financial help, seeking R200,000 for medical expenses.

A BackaBuddy campaign initiated, garnered donations exceeding R278,000.

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More On Angie Oeh Family: Ethnicity And Religion

Due to the absence of parental information, there is no indication of her ethnicity; nevertheless, the late rapper was of South African origin.

Similarly, she refrained from disclosing her religious beliefs or faith. Angie valued her privacy and had a passion for creating music.

Angie was openly lesbian and had been in a relationship for around four years; however, the identity of her partner remains undisclosed.

Starting as an English bedroom rapper, she recognized the necessity for change and made the crucial shift to Afrikaans rap, a decision she considered her most impactful.

Angie Oeh Parents
At the age of 24, Angie Oeh passed away due to a Stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis (Source: Interesting Facts)

Angie Oeh developed a fondness for Afrikaans music and its diverse sounds, recognizing a significant gap in the industry that she seized upon.

Releasing two EPs with Jack Parow, and featuring in two music videos, she worked closely with Afrikaans music luminaries like Loufi, Peach Van Pletzen, and Jack Parow.

Apart from being a rapper, she has a strong affinity for tattoos. At 18, she obtained her initial facial tattoo, using it as a driving force to avoid a 9-5 job.

Additionally, her leg features tattoos of nude women, a collection she playfully refers to as her “naked lady leg.”

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