What you need to do if you are struggling to move on after a breakup

It’s normal to struggle with moving on from an ex. This means that you will have to make certain adjustments to your daily life.


From waking up alone to doing some of your favorite things alone – it takes effort to get used to.

Getting used to something new makes it seem impossible to move on. Dating coach Leigh-Joy Mansel-Pleydell shares that writing a letter to yourself can be a good reminder of why you want to cut the relationship.

“You will detail what you are looking for in a relationship and why the relationship is not getting what you want. It’s more important that you remember and not fantasize about the relationship. We often think about all the good things in the relationship and fantasize, or we just think about all the bad things,” she says.

Here’s what you need to do to get over a breakup
1. Block and unfollow your ex to give yourself time and space to heal. This powerfully separates you from your ex so you can heal. It’s not a ghost. You can let your ex know that you want to take the time to heal and that blocking them will allow both of you to stay away.

Research shows that if you take the time to mend the things that broke the relationship in the first place, it’s a good idea to take a break to give both of you that time to heal and build the relationship. system on a stronger foundation.

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2. Meet with a coach or counselor to talk about the things that broke the relationship. Coping with the pain of relationship loss with a professional can go a long way to helping heal any frozen pain caused by the past.

Looking at your attachment style, if it doesn’t adapt, it will work in the relationship and create more wounds. Heal your attachment style with a professional that sets you up to create a healthy bond in future relationships.

3. Accept the things that bring you joy. You may have stopped doing certain things to spend time with your partner, or you simply stopped doing things that bring you joy. Date yourself. Moving – dancing, walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates – helps release endorphins and release trauma from the body.

4. Connect with family and friends – doing fun things together.

5. Magazine. Letting your emotions out of your body so that the trauma and grief of losing a relationship doesn’t seep into your body’s cells.

6. Prayer and meditation. This connection will fill the void of your ex’s loss. It will satisfy and nurture you in ways they never could, or that was never their job in the first place.

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