What Does He Look Like? Before And After Photo

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After a serious car accident, Joe Dimeo was given a ‘second chance’ through a face and double hand transplant.

Joe DiMeo’s life took a dramatic turn in July 2018 when he was involved in a car accident that left him severely burned over 80 percent of his body.

After undergoing multiple surgeries and treatments, Joe’s hope for a better life was reignited when he met Dr. Eduardo D. Rodriguez and his team from NYU Langone’s face transplant program met.

This led to a landmark surgery in August 2020, with Joe becoming the world’s first successful recipient of a face and double hand transplant.

Now, three years after his miraculous surgery, Joe has found love and continues to inspire others with his unwavering strength and optimism.

Joe Dimeo Accident Update

In July 2018, DiMeo was driving home from a night shift at a food testing lab in Hillside, New Jersey when he fell asleep at the wheel and was involved in an accident.

In a heartwarming photo, Joe DiMeo is seen with his parents, showing the love and support they have shown him throughout his journey. (Source: nypost.com)

His car went off the road, rolled over and burst into flames. Despite the harrowing experience, Joe miraculously survived the accident. However, he suffered third-degree burns on over 80 percent of his body, resulting in life-changing injuries.

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In the months that followed, Joe underwent numerous reconstructive surgeries and skin grafts to restore his appearance and functionality.

Now, three years after his life-changing surgery, Joe DiMeo has come a long way on his road to recovery. He has adjusted to his new face and hands and is once again able to carry out everyday activities such as feeding and dressing on his own.

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In addition, he has resumed the activities he enjoyed prior to the accident, including weightlifting and golf.

What does Joe Dimeo look like? Before and after photo

Before the accident, Joe DiMeo was a young man living a normal life.

Before and after photos of Joe Dimeo after his accident. (Source: thetimes.co.uk)

However, the car accident left devastating injuries that drastically changed his appearance. The burns suffered caused extensive damage, resulting in amputated fingertips, severe scarring on his face, and the loss of his lips and eyelids.

These physical changes made it difficult for Joe to lead an independent life and affected his self-esteem.

But after undergoing the groundbreaking face and double hand transplant in August 2020, Joe’s appearance changed noticeably.

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During the operation performed by Dr. Eduardo D. Rodriguez and his team at NYU Langone’s face transplant program, a donor’s face and hands were transplanted onto Joe’s body. The extensive procedure lasted 23 hours and marked an important milestone in the history of medicine.

Story of Joe Dimeo and Jessica Koby

Joe’s incredible story caught the attention of Jessica Koby, a registered nurse from California.

After Jessica found out about Joe’s surgery, she contacted him on Instagram and they quickly bonded. The couple’s shared love of Boston Terrier dogs bonded the pair and their relationship thrived despite the challenges of the long distance.

Eventually Jessica decided to move to New Jersey to be closer to Joe and they now live together with their two Boston Terriers.

Jessica was deeply impressed by Joe’s positivity and resilience in the face of unprecedented challenges.

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She describes him as gentle, kind, brave and mature beyond his years. Joe’s character and ability to hold meaningful conversations make him incredibly attractive to her.

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