What Did Ryan Martinez Do? Maga Hat Gunman Opens Fire At Rally Over Conquistador Statue In New Mexico

The incident occurred on a sunny afternoon, when tensions between protesters and counter-demonstrators were high. The controversy surrounding the Juan de Oñate statue has been a hotly debated topic for months, with activists claiming it glorifies a figure responsible for the colonization and oppression of communities. Native Americans.

As Jennifer Marley passionately addressed the crowd, urging them to continue fighting against the glorification of colonialism, a group of counter-protesters began criticizing and mocking the activists. Among them is Ryan Martinez, a young man known for his vocal support of conservative ideologies and the current administration.


Martinez, wearing the iconic red “Make America Great Again” hat, seemed determined to disrupt the peaceful protest. Witnesses reported that he aggressively pushed through the crowd, trying to reach the altar set up by the activists. This act of defiance further increased the already tense atmosphere, leading to a scuffle between Martinez and some protesters.


Amid the chaos, a gunshot suddenly rang out in the air, causing panic and confusion in the crowd. The bullet found its mark, hitting an unidentified Native American protester who was caught in the crossfire. The injured person fell to the ground, clutching his wound while screams and calls for help filled the air.

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As the situation became more serious, chaos ensued. People scattered in all directions, desperately seeking safety from the ongoing violence. Law enforcement officers, who were watching the protest from afar, quickly moved in to contain the situation and provide medical assistance to injured protesters.

The incident shocked the community, causing many people to condemn the violence and call for justice. Activist groups, including Red Nation, immediately condemned the actions of counter-protesters and demanded a thorough investigation of the incident.

Local authorities quickly opened an investigation, identified and arrested the individual responsible for the shooting. The injured protesters were taken to a nearby hospital, where they received emergency surgery and are said to be in stable condition.

After the violence, the debate surrounding the controversial statue reached new heights. Many say the incident highlights the urgent need for a solution regarding the statue’s future, emphasizing the importance of finding a solution that respects the history and culture of all communities involved. mandarin.


What did Ryan Martinez do?

Reports and witnesses claim that Ryan Martinez allegedly jumped over a low wall with the gun and fired a single shot, hitting an unidentified man in the upper body. The injured person was quickly taken to a medical facility for treatment, his identity is currently kept secret by the authorities. Rio Arriba County law enforcement arrested the suspected shooter, 23-year-old Ryan Martinez, and they confirmed that they are not actively searching for any other individuals in connection with the shooting. It was noted that earlier on Thursday, Mr. Martinez was seen wearing a baseball cap with the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

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Who is Ryan Martinez?

Ryan Martinez is a 23-year-old supporter of former President Trump who was observed filming multiple individuals before the shooting occurred. It is important to note that some of these recordings were made at the request of those being filmed. In one case, an event organizer quickly left their vehicle to change clothes, while Martinez continued filming remotely.


After the incident, state police quickly established a blockade at the exit of the crime scene, effectively preventing people from moving for about 30 minutes. This precaution may be taken to secure the area and gather relevant information from potential witnesses or individuals involved in the incident.

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