Was EJ Osborne Transgender? Gender And Sexuality

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Was EJ Osborne transgender? People want to know about Australian TV presenter EJ Osborne. He is best known for his work on the BBC program Money for Nothing.

He was a skilled artisan who collaborated with Sarh Moore on the exhibition. Ej died at the Dorothy House Hospice near Bath, Somerset, aged 45.

His wife shared the news of EJ Osborne’s death on his Instagram account on September 20, 2021. He had been battling the disease for a very long time, but the exact cause of death was not made public.

He died at the Dorothy House Hospice. After completing his chemotherapy, he announced on his Instagram page that we would be receiving immunotherapy.

Was EJ Osborne transgender? Let’s check out EJ Osborne’s profile below to know more about his story, wife, daughter, gender and other facts about him in this article.

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Was EJ Osborne transgender?

Real name Ethan-James Osborne, EJ Osborne, was an Australian woodworker and presenter of the BBC daytime television program Money For Nothing, which shows how discarded materials are transformed into valuable items.

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Australian TV celebrity and businesswoman Sarah Moore co-hosted Money For Nothing, where they rescued goods from landfill and repurposed them for sale.

EJ, an Australian, moved to Tokyo and Madrid after birth before settling in Brighton. In a conversation with Brighton Transformed, he spoke about the prejudice he experienced in his home country.

EJ Osborne Transgender
EJ Osborne transgender details have been a topic of interest to people. (Source: Daily Mail)

He explained: “I grew up in a small, remote country town in Australia that was so deeply homophobic that as a teenager it was still illegal to be gay there.

I distanced myself from homophobia, transphobia and the expectations of my family and current circle of friends. I completely redesigned my life in a distant city where I knew no one and couldn’t speak the language.

Before realizing that mass-produced designer goods would only add more “stuff” to an already overburdened family, EJ studied product and furniture design.

After taking a career break to raise a family, EJ developed the “maker itch” – the need to create something hearty and meaningful – which led to spoon carving.

According to his biography on Google Books, carving spoons felt so good that EJ did it frequently, leading workshops and stocking spoons at Anthropologie in the United Kingdom.

EJ Osborne Gender and Sexuality

Trans EJ Osborne was. EJ, who was born female, came out as transgender. Osborne posted on Instagram on International Transgender Day of Visibility in 2022: “Friends just reminded me… Transgender Day of Visibility is today, March 31, 2020.”

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He mentioned that he doesn’t usually remember things like this because there’s so much going on in the world (there always is). This is because he often forgets that he is transgender.

EJ Osborne
EJ Osborne’s death shocked his fans and family. (Source: Daily Mail)

Because he’s too busy living his life to think about it, he doesn’t shout about it or wave a flag, but he will always be grateful to those who do because they continue to fight for us to have rights and ensure that we have rights.

He also mentioned that he lives a beautiful life and has wonderful family and friends. He is an ordinary, “normal” (whatever that means) person who does ordinary things.

However, since coming out, he has ensured that he is constantly “visible” so that future generations do not feel the need to hide for a long time and face a lot of suffering.

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