Trisha Stratford Wikipedia And Age

This article will inform readers whether Trisha Stratford has a Wikipedia page or not and also share some basic information about her and her age.

Does Trisha Stratford have a Wikipedia page?

Correct, Trisha Stratford there is a Wikipedia page containing information about her film career and other achievements.

What is Trisha Stratford’s background?

Trisha Stratford was born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1951. Her impressive professional career has taken her to both Australia and New Zealand. Trisha is a clinical neuropsychologist with expertise in relationship-related brain function.

Since appearing on the famous TV show “Married At First Sight”, Trisha Stratford has been known to many audiences. She appeared on the show for seven seasons before deciding to leave in 2020. She left for the simple reason that she needed to devote more time to writing, research, and therapy neuropsychology to help people.

Trisha worked in various fields before joining MAFS in 2015. In Australia and New Zealand, she worked for the TV show “60 Minutes”. Additionally, she covered conflicts in Somalia and Bosnia as a war correspondent.

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She is also a talented director and producer, producing more than 20 television documentaries on important social issues. Blood Money: The Incredible True Story of David Morris and The Tragedy of Somalia are two books written by Trisha.

Trisha is a private person when it comes to her family. We don’t have details about her parents, but we know she was born in Wellington. She has a loving partner named Roger, whom she has been with since February 2018. They have a daughter together named Gina. Roger also has three sons, but it is unclear whether Gina is his or not.

Trisha Stratford leaves MAFS

In 2020, Trisha left MAFS, which was very important. She outlined how she disagreed with the changes made to the show. Like “MasterChef,” she said it has become more dramatic and “super-scale.” She was uncomfortable because she thought some of the show’s contestants didn’t belong there. She recalls feeling queasy at some of the show’s dinner parties because they didn’t meet her standards for both her professional and personal life.

Trisha Stratford’s career

Married At First Sight is an Australian reality television series adapted from the Danish series Gift Ved Første Blik. The show features a group of strangers participating in a social experiment and being paired together by experts. Due to the law requiring one month’s notice of marriage in Australia, participants in this section are not legally married but are conducting an informal commitment ceremony.

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The series premiered on 18 May 2015 on the Nine Network. The show had ten seasons from 2015 to 2023, plus a two-part reunion special aired before the eighth season in 2021.

In her first episode, two couples (Michael & Roni, Clare & Lachlan) meet and get married in Melbourne and Sydney respectively. In the second episode, two more couples (Zoe & Alex, Michelle & James) meet and get married in Melbourne and Sydney.

The Nine Network announced on 26 June 2015 that Lachlan would join the network’s upcoming revival of The Farmer Wants a Wife.

How old is Trisha Stratford?

Trisha Stratford, an Australian relationship expert and neuropsychologist, former panelist on the reality TV show Married at First Sight (MAFS), has passed away at the age of 72.


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