Thuso Mbedu marks sister’s birthday with a solo vacation (Photos)

So So Mbedu celebrates her sister’s birthday alone.


On social networks, the actress cracked a rib after sharing the story behind her vacation in Thailand.

Thuso says she was there to mark her sister’s birthday but guess what? The older sister, Noma Mbedu, did not attend the holiday.

The Woman King star shared a screenshot of her conversation with Noma, in which Thuo tells her sister that her (actress’) happiness will be her birthday present. for Noma.

“Of all my things, my favorite is my sister’s little sister 🥹 April is her birthday month and this year I decided to give her the best gift ever: my happiness 🫶🏾 She’s really speechless and I couldn’t be more proud. I can’t believe how thoughtful I am. I think I’ll be doing this every year. For my sister who I take with me wherever I go – even when she is busy with work… she is always in my heart. That is true love. I love you, sis @noma.mbedu,” Thuso’s captioned post caused people to howl in the comments.

See photos below:

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