Tebogo Thobejane says death threats forced her out of SA

Tebogo Thobejane added on the reason behind her leaving South Africa permanently.


Last week, the actress revealed that she hates mzansi due to feeling insecure, and that she left with her son, although her house in SA is still kept in case she visits.

Speaking to Sunday World, the former actress Muvhango said she had received death threats and that she could not afford to hire bodyguards.

“I can’t afford to hire bodyguards… The person who harassed me is frantically harassing the whole country. I had to change schools for my son and rearrange my whole life for one person,” Thobejane said.

“I had to move in with my sister for three weeks in Berlin [Germany] after I got a call saying ‘I’m going to kill you. You did too much. I will kill you’.”


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