Tamia Mpisane reveals how marriage with Andile changed her

Tamia Mpisane opens up about how her marriage to Andile Mpisane has changed her personality.

The social network took to Instagram and talked about how often she used to chat live on Instagram before getting married.


“Honestly, before I got married, I went live streaming here and there a few times… but right after I got married, I really had to change the way I treat my social media accounts because I don’t know how much to handle. of people and attention. It was a huge change,” she said.

“I know when and where to speak. I even struggle to post my daily life on my stories,” she added.

Tamia has become a tight-lipped woman who doesn’t post often, and she turned down advice to join The Real Housewives of Durban.

“I share what I feel like sharing when I remember to share it, and I’m also a bit weird on camera. I was really shy,” she said.


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