Sonsoles Rey Wikipedia And Edad: Kidney Enfermedad & Health

[Link to watch]: Sonsoles Rey Wikipedia And Edad: Kidney Enfermedad & Health

Discover Sonsoles Rey on Wikipedia, her age and current health status in today’s short article.

Sonsoles Rey, a woman whose life is intertwined with the challenges of kidney disease, has recently reemerged in the media spotlight.

Her journey was marked by resilience, hope and the unwavering support of her godmother, the famous Argentine singer Sandra Mihanovich.

Since she was young, she has suffered from kidney disease, which leads to significant protein loss through urine.

It has been several years since Sonsoles Rey received her second kidney. But how is she now?

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Sonsoles Rey Wikipedia: Age and personal life

An official Wikipedia page documenting her life is not available. As for her age, Sonsoles was born around 1978. Therefore, she will be 44 or 45 years old in 2023.

Sonsoles Rey came into the spotlight after a momentous event in 2012 – a kidney transplant from her godmother Sandra Mihanovich, who is also the wife/wife of her mother Marita Novaro.

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Sonsoles Rey Wikipedia
Sonsoles Rey’s Wikipedia is trending online as people are eager to know more about her. (Image source: Revista Paparazzi)

Aside from her health issues, Sonsoles is a dedicated mother to León and shares their mutual love of martial arts.

Her interests extend to traveling, enjoying moments with loved ones, and cultivating a deep connection with nature and animals.

Sonsoles is grateful for Sandra’s selfless act and expresses her gratitude openly by advocating for organ donation and raising awareness about its importance.

Sonsoles Rey’s battle with the kidney Enfermedad

Sonsoles Rey’s life has been a relentless battle against nephrotic syndrome, a diagnosis she received at the tender age of 16.

At 24, she underwent her first kidney transplant, a pivotal moment that eased her path to motherhood. However, this transplant only lasted 11 years before the need for another transplant arose.

In a heartfelt interview aired on Telenight, Sonsoles opened up about her journey.

She revealed the emotional turmoil she faced, describing a period of denial during her youth and the subsequent challenges she faced while on dialysis at 22.

Sonsoles recalled the critical moment at age 24 when she received her first transplant and spoke poignantly of the need for another transplant a year later.

Sandra Mihanovich, her godmother, stepped forward as a living donor, providing a glimmer of hope at a precarious moment in Sonsoles’ life.

When doctors asked the singer whether she knew that she would be left without an organ, she replied: “What you get is more than what you give,” she had said on that occasion.

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Sonsoles Rey Wikipedia
Sonsoles Rey (left) recently announced that she needs a new kidney transplant. (Image source: Parati)

Despite this glimmer of hope, Sonsoles received discouraging news in 2019 – her transplanted organ was showing signs of failure, indicating the need for a third transplant.

Sonsoles was overcome with emotion during the interview and expressed her deep gratitude for her son León, who became her anchor during the challenging phase of dialysis.

Sonsoles Rey seeks happiness in the midst of adversity

Through tears and heartfelt words, Sonsoles reflected on her pursuit of happiness amid the uncertainty of her health.

Faced with the daunting prospect of needing another transplant, she emphasized the importance of appreciating every moment and looking for joy in everyday life.

“Every day I try to find something that gives me a reason to be healthy and because I have a son. You have to keep living,” Sonsoles explained, expressing her determination to persevere despite the adversities that came her way.

Sonsoles Rey’s story embodies resilience, advocating gratitude, and finding solace in life’s simplest joys amid the complexities of battling chronic illness.

Her unwavering spirit and the support she receives from her loved ones remind her of the strength of human connections, hope and the pursuit of happiness despite all odds.

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