Sithelo Shozi reportedly doing drugs (Video)

Sithelo Shozi was rumored to be using drugs after a viral video.


In a video shared by Musa Khawula, the female DJ can be seen twisting her jaw (supposedly locked jaw – a side effect of some drugs) while taking a selfie.

People familiar with drug users jumped in to comment to assert that Shozi is slowly becoming a drug addict.

Comments like:

“Futhi Andile has helped herself by leaving this woman to her former queen jollofina.”

“It’s called lockjaw..due to taking ecstasy/mdma, lsd, perc or other drugs.”

Meanwhile, some people defended the mother-of-three.

“This is a lie, I don’t think this girl is on drugs, you tried your best to take her down and she keeps winning.”

“The jaw can be affected by the anesthetic used during dental procedures. It can go wrong and have long-term consequences.”

Watch the video below:


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