Shubhneet Singh Comment & Scandal: Followers On Instagram

[Link to watch]: Shubhneet Singh Comment & Scandal: Followers On Instagram

Canadian rapper Shubhneet has been a hot topic on the internet. Explore Shubhneet Singh Commentary and Scandal here.

Shubhneet Singh is an Indian singer and rapper based in Canada. Subhaneet mainly works in Punjabi music. The singer rose to fame in 2021 with his single “We Rollin”.

Similarly, their singles are also popular in the UK Asian and Punjabi charts published by the Official Charts Company and also in the New Zealand Official Charts.

The singer-rapper has a huge following in the Punjabi diaspora in countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.

Shubhneet is famous for his career and is often known for his hard work and dedication to music since childhood.

So, the singer has been the name most discussed in the sources of inter lately his controversies. Many people are enthralled to know about the controversy surrounding Shubhneet, so here is what we have.

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All about Shubhneet Singh comment and scandal

Shubhneet Singh has been in the news headlines after his name was mentioned again and again in a controversy that started on March 23, 2023.

On March 23, Singh shared an Instagram story with a distorted map of India without Jammu, Kashmir and Punjab, captioned “Pray for Punjab”.

As soon as his fans saw the story, they started criticizing the singer and BJYM submitted a memorandum to the Mumbai police.

Similarly, it has been said that Shubhneet was aiming to prove that Punjab is not part of India and propagate the “Khalistani agenda”.

Shubhneet Singh Commentary
Shubhneet Singh shared a story on his Instagram account after a controversy. (Source: Twitter)

According to sources, the singer is openly a Khalistani supporter and wants to influence the youth of Mumbai through his concert if allowed.

On the matter, BJYM president Tajinder Singh Tiwana says, “We will not let singer Shubh perform in the promising land of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Mumbai.

Also, Singh’s India tour was cancelled, and many people support the steps and the agenda he advocates, as many criticize the singer for influencing his youth.

Fans in the comments section have shown their views and opinions on the singer’s ongoing issue, as fans can be said to have mixed opinions.

Shubhneet Singh followers before and after Instagram controversy

Shubhneet Singh is a famous singer and rapper based in Canada. He has amassed a huge fan base online. Singh is active as @shubhworldwide on the Instagram handle.

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Likewise, it currently has 1.1 million followers. As previously stated, the singer has been embroiled in a huge controversy lately.

Followers of Shubhneet Singh
Shubhneet Singh has more than 1 million followers on his Instagram account. (Source: Instagram)

Hence, his fans show mixed views on the controversy many are supporting Shubhneet while many are criticizing him.

Currently, the singer has not posted any stories or posts on his Ig handle. After her Instagram ID, Shubhneet shared her latest posts on September 4.

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Where is Indian singer Shubhneet Singh now?

Shubhneet Singh’s India tour has been cancelled. He was scheduled performing in various cities, including Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata, over the next two months.

But due to his recent scandal, they have all been cancelled. Similarly, the cancellation follows the withdrawal of the ship’s sponsorship and cricketer Virat Kohli unfollowing Shubhneet on social media.

Shubhneet Singh now
Shubhneet Singh is a well-known Indian rapper based in Canada. (Source: Instagram)

Everyone has been asking questions about the singer’s current status. Meanwhile, he can be followed on Instagram as @shubhworldwide where he can share more updates.

Not to mention, Singh’s last Instagram post was on September 4, 2023.

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