Scandal On The Fan Bus Explored 

The Kelsey and Dabb fan bus video scandal is one that has caused a lot of discussion online over the past few days. Recently leaked video involving Kelsey and Dabb Gasm has gone viral online, demonstrating how scandals thrive on social media.

On the Fan Bus platform, created to allow fans to interact with their favorite celebrities, two famous TikTok phenomenons happened to meet each other. The nature of their interaction and its ramifications for their work and personal lives has been the subject of debate and concern since the release of the leaked footage. We’ll explore this fascinating video from Kelsey and Dabb in more detail.


Kelsey Lawrence and Dabb Gasm: Who are they?

With over 150k followers on both Instagram and TikTok, Kelsey Lawrence is a popular influencer on both platforms. She frequently works with other content producers and is known for her videos and beauty advice. However, comedian Dabb Gasm is famous for his funny jokes and skits on TikTok and Instagram. He also publishes vlogs and challenges on his YouTube account.


Video by Kelsey and Dabb

Kelsey and Dabb’s video has generated a lot of conversation, but what are the details? According to online sources, Kelsey is said to have confessed her feelings for Dabb on the Fan Bus platform.

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On this platform, fans can get on the bus with their heroes and the encounter is videotaped for the YouTube channel. The page shared a video of Kelsey and Dabb meeting on Fan Bus and it quickly became popular on social media.

Kelsey Lawrence can be seen waiting inside the bus as Dabb Gasm enters through the back door. Kelsey appeared both shy and excited as they warmly greeted each other. The camera recorded their reactions as they chatted while sitting. It is unclear whether this exchange was real or not as some people believe they staged it to attract attention.

As soon as the video of Kelsey and Dabb on Fan Bus appeared, it quickly became a topic of discussion and jokes on Twitter.

While some people celebrated their success, others ridiculed them. However, the video also caused controversy as some people felt their privacy had been violated and it had been published without their permission. The Fan Bus platform has been criticized for abusing influencers and their followers to gain views and money. Others are worried about Kelsey’s safety because they think Dabb might take advantage of her.


The impact of the leaked Fan Bus video on the duo’s career is the subject of speculation. While some individuals think the incident will increase their popularity, others are concerned that it could damage their reputation. Although they haven’t responded directly to the situation, Kelsey and Dabb have left cryptic comments on their social media pages.

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People are speculating on social media about the nature of Kelsey Lawrence and Dabb Gasm’s connection in the released film as well as the effects on their professional and personal lives.


Although most platforms later deleted the Fan Bus leaked video, it was still shared online. The debate has also highlighted safety issues with the Fan Bus platform. The future will only tell how this incident will affect Kelsey and Dabb’s careers and whether they will make a public statement about it.

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