Planning to Watch Marry My Dead Body? All About the Horror Comedy!

As Netflix continues to expand its roster by adding more Asian content, the latest to join the ranks is the Taiwanese film, Marry My Dead Body. One of the best things about streaming platforms is the fact that it has opened avenues for audiences to experience and enjoy global content. The streaming giant has acquired worldwide rights to the film, and it’s certainly a delightful treat for fans who were hoping to catch the horror comedy that already created waves in Taiwan.

The film received major box office success after its theatrical release and hence has piqued interest among international audiences as well. Ahead of its Netflix release, a trailer for the horror comedy was also released, and it shows how well the movie blends the two genres and promises to be an entertaining watch. It also gives a unique spin to the concept of ghost marriage, which has been known to be a part of Chinese tradition.

Marry My Dead Body Cast

The film stars Greg Han in the role of Wu Ming-Han, a straight policeman with a fear of supernatural elements. As for Austin Lin, the actor will be seen in the interesting role of Mao Pang-Yu, who also happens to be the ghost in the story. The supporting cast also includes Gingle Wang, who stars as a policewoman. There will also be a special cameo from Liu Kuan-ting, who appears for a brief moment in the trailer.

Planning to Watch Marry My Dead Body? All About the Horror Comedy!

Marry My Dead Body Plot/Synopsis

One of the most significant things about the movie is how well it brings together separate genres and also manages to address some key themes. The Cheng Wei-hao directorial touches upon themes of supernaturalism and LGBTQ issues in a quirky manner. The main plot revolves around Greg Han’s straight policeman who, while collecting evidence for a case, accidentally picks up a red envelope and is forced to marry Mao Pang-Yu (Austin Lin).

Interestingly, Mao is a ghost, and the story of his death is a mystery. In an unlikely scenario of the ghost marriage, the duo are forced to find a way to get along and also solve the case of Mao’s death. From light-hearted moments to some action sequences and funny supernatural gags, the film seems to have it all.

Marry My Dead Body Release Date and More

Marry My Dead Body will be streaming on Netflix release and will be available from August 10. A trailer announcing the film’s release date on Netflix has also been released, and it has made fans even more eager to catch this entertainer soon. The film has been produced by Calendar Studios. The film also premiered at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival in November 2022.

Watch Marry My Dead Body Trailer Below

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