Michael Lusardi Obituary And Death Cause: Hit And Run

[Link to watch]: Michael Lusardi Obituary And Death Cause: Hit And Run

Obituary for Michael Lusardi: What happened to him? Here you can find out everything about Lusardi’s cause of death and learn more about the hit-and-run case.

Michael Lusardi was a Covington police officer. His name was the most searched for on the internet after Michael and his dog Ernie were in an accident.

According to the sources, both suffered minor injuries in the June 1, 2016 hit-and-run on Interstate 75 in Florence.

Michael and his dog were on their way back to Lusardi’s home after a training session. In April 2015, Ernie was shot in the foot when a suspect shot Lusardi.

On the other hand, Lusardi was a street cop and K-9 handler. Michael and his dog Ernie have had an eventful few years.

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Details about the obituary for Michael Lusardi

Michael Lusardi’s obituary is causing concern on the Internet. Many are searching for news of his death. However, none of the sources shared it.

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The news of Lusardi’s death has caught the attention of many as none of the official websites have published any official news about it. Therefore, no further information regarding Micahel’s obituary is currently available.

Obituary for Michael Lusardi
Michael Lusardi’s obituary was searched by many people as his accident news shocked everyone. (Source: WCPO)

Lusardi’s family and close ones have not shared any information about his funeral arrangements, so more details may be updated soon.

Michael’s death remains suspicious for many people, which is why Internet users often ask questions about his obituary and cause of death. In Michael’s absence, his services will be missed as he is always known for his activity and service.

Michael Lusardi’s cause of death related to accident

Most people are looking for the cause of Michael Lusardi’s death. Likewise, it is believed that Michael died in a traffic accident as Lusardi and his canine partner Ernie suffered minor injuries after a car accident.

As of this writing, the official information regarding Michael’s cause of death has been shared. Furthermore, how Michael died is suspicious as his family has also remained silent on the matter.

Michael Lusardi's cause of death
News of Michael Lusardi’s death is making rounds on the internet as he and his canine partner were involved in an accident in 2016. (Source: WCPO)

At the time of this post, verified media sources have not provided any information about Lusardi’s death. Therefore, it cannot be confirmed whether his death news is genuine or not.

As mentioned, Lusardi has been involved in an accident in the past. Because of this, people may have been confused and speculated that he was dead. Nothing can be confirmed at this time.

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Michael Lusardi hit and run case update

Currently, online users are searching for Michael Lusardi Hit and run case. Lusardi and his K-9 partner Ernie were involved in an accident in June 2016.

They were struck while traveling southbound on Interstate 75 near Turfway Road. Both suffered minor injuries and were treated.

Michael Lusardi hit and run case
Michael Lusardi and his K-9 partner Ernie were involved in an accident in June 2016. (Source: WCPO)

After the accident, Michael managed to get a description of the black truck that rolled over the side of his vehicle. After a television broadcast of this nature, a man in Bellevue discovered a heavily damaged truck at the corner of Glazier and Taylor avenues.

So he contacted the police and a match was made. Florence investigators tracked down the truck’s owner, who said he had borrowed it that night.

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