Michael Emeka Nwangwu Wife: Marriage Photo And Divorce

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Michael Emeka Nwangwu’s wife’s name has been searched by many people on the internet. If you want to know more about his marriage, read this full article.

Michael Emeka Nwangwu is a former Special Adviser on Transport. It was reported that he served as the Special Adviser on Transport to the Chairman of Nsukka Local Government Area.

In recent days, Michael’s name has been in circulation as many questions have been asked about his personal affairs.

Not to mention, Nwangwu was removed from office following his affair with a married woman, according to various online sources.

With this news, many people on social media are eager to know more about Michael’s personal affairs, especially his married life, which is shared below.

Name of Michael Emeka Nwangwu’s wife investigated

As mentioned earlier, Michael Emeka Nwangwu’s wife name is trending on the internet. So far, none of the media sources have released any information about Michael’s wife.

Likewise, Michael has not spoken much about his wife in the media and has kept everything away from the public.

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Due to the lack of information, it becomes quite difficult to know about his marriage and partner. Some people online speculated that Michael’s wife is Philomena Omeje.

Michael Emeka Nwangwu Wife
Michael Emeka Nwangwu’s wife is making the rounds online but her name has not been revealed by any source yet. (Source: Facebook)

However, there is no truth to that. Not to mention that Philomena is a woman that the former speci is datingThe traffic consultant reportedly had an intimate moment.

This was the reason both of them made the rounds online and got caught up in the controversy.

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Michael Emeka Nwangwu’s wedding photo is trending

Michael Emeka Nwangwu’s wedding photo has caught the attention of many people. It all started after the news of his alleged intimate affair with a lady named Philomena Omeje came into the limelight.

As previously mentioned, Michael has already been suspended from his position Work, and it came after his affair with a married woman. Michael himself has already confessed that he had an affair with the lady in the office.

Michael Emeka Nwangwu wedding photo
Michael Emeka Nwangwu is making headlines after his alleged affair with a married woman. (Source: The Times of India)

For this reason, netizens are also concerned about his personal affairs. It was discovered that Nwangwu was married in the past and people are looking for his wedding photo.

However, there is no information about Nwangwu’s wedding photo. Currently, no facts about his wife are available in the media sources.

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What is Michael Emeka Nwangwu’s reason for divorce?

Just like his marriage news, people on social media are also worried about the reason behind his divorce from his wife. Michael is in the middle of a controversy because of his intimate affair with Philomena Omeje in the government office.

While speaking about the matter in the media, Michael said that he has never slept with a woman since his wife left. This made it clear that he had already separated from his wife.

Michael Emeka Nwangwu Reason for Divorce
The reason behind Michael Emeka Nwangwu’s divorce has not been disclosed but the news of his suspension is making headlines. (Source: Facebook)

Michael said“Since my wife left, I have never slept with a woman; I don’t have that much time.” However, Michael didn’t say anything to his wife about the reason for the divorce.

As online users search hard for Michael’s reason for divorce, more updates may be released in the coming years.

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