Meet Lord Aleem Dad Saleem Iqbal & Mom Ashifa Saleem: Family Details

[Link to watch]: Meet Lord Aleem Dad Saleem Iqbal & Mom Ashifa Saleem: Family Details

Meet Lord Aleem, father and mother, as the popular YouTuber is trending heavily on the internet lately.

Lord Aleem, a well-known YouTuber and Instagram sensation celebrated for his opulent lifestyle and passion for luxury cars, often showcases his stunning range of supercars via social media.

These high-end vehicles come from Platinum Executive Travel, a wealthy family business. The driving force behind this thriving enterprise is Lord Aleem’s father, whose identity and history remain largely obscure.

As the man at the helm of Platinum Executive Travel, Lord Aleem’s father plays a crucial role in making his son’s extravagant, car-centric content possible.

The untold story behind this successful patriarch and the origins of the family business pose compelling questions for Lord Aleem’s followers, eager to solve the mystery of the man who pioneered the luxury car culture that captivates audiences across digital platforms .

Meet Lord Aleem, father Saleem Iqbal and mother Ashifa Saleem: the duo behind the luxury car business

Saleem Iqbal, the father of popular social media influencer Lord Aleem, is a Pakistan-born entrepreneur who emigrated to the UK in the 1980s.

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Iqbal, originally a xe taxi driver, recognized the demand for upscale chauffeur services and founded Platinum Executive Travel in October 2006.

This luxury car rental company has a fleet of renowned brands such as Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bentley.

Lord Aleem father
Platinum Executive Travel is a Coventry Road-based company owned by Aleem’s father, Saleem. (Image source: The Sun)

Iqbal’s entrepreneurial success extends beyond the automotive sector as he owns several properties and businesses in Birmingham and Solihull.

Iqbal is married to Ashifa Saleem, also from Pakistan, and is a father with four children: Aleem, Anisa, Aisha and Amaan.

Aleem, the eldest son, actively supports his father in running the luxury car business while developing his identity as a social media influencer.

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With a sizable following of over 1.2 million on Instagram and 455,000 subscribers on YouTube, Lord Aleem has become a prominent figure, not only showcasing the family’s high-end vehicles but also providing a glimpse into their lifestyle.

The nickname “Lord Aleem” adds a personal touch to the influencer’s brand, a nickname given to him by his friends.

Lord Aleem Family: Ethnicity and Origin

Lord Aleem and his family, whose roots lie in Pakistani descent, come from a village near Lahore and maintain close ties to their ancestral home, where relatives often reside.

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The family professes their devout Muslim faith and adheres to the teachings of Islam, a facet that Lord Aleem often shares on his social media platforms. Saleem Iqbal, the father of Lord Aleem, had to face huge challenges and controversies.

In 1996, he served a two-year prison sentence for attempting to pervert the course of justice in a heroin overdose case involving a 16-year-old girl.

Lord Aleem family
Lord Aleem is closely connected to his ancestral home in Lahore, Pakistan. (Image source: Daily Express)

His involvement in convincing a witness to change a court statement led to the conviction. In 2013, Iqbal faced further legal problems and received a 16-month suspended sentence for two years and community service for money laundering.

His connection to a network laundering £180 million in drug money was a key part of this case.

Despite these adversities, Saleem Iqbal has managed to build a wealthy empire and provide his family with a lavish lifestyle.

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Despite the controversy, he is proud of his son’s achievements, especially Lord Aleem’s passion for luxury cars.

Furthermore, Iqbal displays a generous and charitable spirit, donating money and cars to various causes and organizations.

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