Meet Lachlan, James, Elisabeth, Grace, Chloe, Prudence

Rupert Murdoch, an Australian-American business tycoon, media owner and investor, has resigned as head of Fox News and Foc Corporation. We will discuss Rupert Murdoch’s children Rupert, Lachlan, James, Elisabeth, Grace, Chloe and Prudence in detail in this report.

Who is Rupert Murdoch?

Rupert Murdoch was born on 11 March 1931 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the second of four children of Sir Keith Murdoch, whose father died in 1952, and his mother, Elisabeth, who also died in 2012.

Rupert Murdoch attended Geelong Grammar School, where he was co-editor of the school’s official magazine The Corian and editor of the student magazine If Revived. He took his school’s cricket team to the national junior finals. He worked part-time at the Melbourne Herald and was groomed by his father to take over the family business.

Rupert Murdoch went on to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Worcester, Oxford, England, where he kept a bust of Lenin in his room and became known as “Red Rupert”. He is a member of the Oxford University Labor Party, candidate for Secretary of the Labor Club and manages Oxford Student Publications Limited, publishers of Cherwell.

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Who are the Rupert Murdoch kids?

Rupert Murdoch has a total of six children including two boys and four girls. Six children were born to two different mothers.

Lachlan Murdoch is the third oldest of Rupert Murdoch’s six children and his eldest son. He and his siblings Elisabeth (55) and James (50), come from his father’s second marriage, and he also has half-sisters Prudence (65), Grace (22) and Chloe (20).

His eldest child overall is Prudence, who was appointed on 28 January 2011 to the board of Times Newspapers Ltd, part of News International, publisher of The Times and The Sunday Times.

The eldest son of Rupert Murdoch, Lachlan was previously Executive Vice President of News Corporation and publisher of the New York Post and Murdoch’s heir apparent before stepping down from his executive positions at the media company. worldwide at the end of July 2005.

Rupert Murdoch’s career

In 1968, Murdoch entered the British newspaper market with the purchase of the populist News of the World, followed in 1969 by the purchase of the struggling daily newspaper The Sun from IPC. Murdoch turned The Sun into a tabloid and reduced costs by using the same printing press for both newspapers.

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When he got it, he appointed Albert ‘Larry’ Lamb as editor and – Lamb later recalled – told him: “I want a newspaper with lots of breasts in it.” In 1997 The Sun attracted 10 million daily readers. In 1981, Murdoch bought the struggling Times and Sunday Times from Canadian newspaper publisher Lord Thomson of Fleet.

Ownership of The Times came to him through his association with Lord Thomson, who was tired of losing money on it due to a long period of industrial action that had brought publication to a halt.

In 2023, in a defamation lawsuit brought by Dominion Voting Systems against Fox News, Murdoch admitted that some Fox News commentators espoused election fraud claims they knew to be false. On April 18, 2023, Fox and Dominion settled for $787.5 million. This may have played a key role in his decision to step down from the role.

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