Meet Her Sisters And Brothers

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Donnalyn Bartolome siblings are known to be the most supportive persons in her family. She is popularly referred to as SMS (Social Media Sweetheart).

Donnalyn Bartolome is a singer, rapper, and songwriter from Filipino. The beautiful and talented singer is also a vlogger, actor, and internet sensation.

She became well-known with the release of her singles “Kakaibabe” and “LM4M”. With “Happy Break Up” as its lead single, she released the album Happy Break-Up.

Moreover, her singles KakaiBabe and Happy Break Up break the records for the most-viewed solo of a female singer’s music video on Viva Records for five years.

Donnalyn and the late Tado Jimenez appeared in Jireh Lim’s “Magkabilang Mundo” music video, ultimately overtaking “Gayuma” as the most-watched OPM video on YouTube.

Additionally, the young actress made her cinematic debut in 2018 when she co-starred with Ella Cruz in the drama Cry No Fear, a house break-in thriller.

Furthermore, in Vice Ganda’s Praybeyt Benjamin 2 and Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy, she made brief appearances in cameo roles as herself.

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Donnalyn Bartolome Siblings: Meet Sister Cherry & Mae Ann And Brother Dave

There has raised curiosity among her fans about Donnalyn Bartolome’s siblings. The singer was raised alongside her four siblings.

She is the oldest of them all. Her two younger sisters are Cherry Bartolome and Mae Ann Bartolome, and her two younger brothers are Dave Bartolome and Jay Bartolome.

Being the oldest, she watched over her siblings when she got home from school so that her parents could work without interruption.

Donnalyn has shared on her Instagram about her brother Jay suffering from mental illness. Despite his illness, he has always been there for his sister and looked up to her.

Donnalyn Bartolome Siblings
Donnalyn Bartolome enjoys her free time with her siblings. (Source: Biography Mask)

She uploaded the picture with her brother on Christmas Eve and told her followers what was happening in her family.

Moreover, the internet celebrity routinely posts images and videos of her siblings to demonstrate her love and affection for them.

In addition, she spends her free time visiting her house, where all five of her siblings enjoy spending time together. They enjoy talking, laughing, and watching movies when they get together.

Donnalyn doesn’t need any friends because her siblings are just as helpful and supportive of her as any friends would be. 

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Furthermore, Donnalyn Bartolome’s siblings filled her life with happiness and excitement. Feeling low, she immediately calls them and forgets about her problems.

Donnalyn Bartolome Loving Parents

Donnalyn Bartolome was born in Oahu, Hawaii, on July 9, 1994. Her father’s name is Reynaldo Mulawin, and her mother’s is Tonylyn Mulawin.

The singer’s father served as a Senior Chief Party Officer in the United States Navy, and her mother worked as a businesswoman.

When Bartolome was 14 years old, she began uploading videos to YouTube after migrating to various nations as a member of a Navy family.

She initially made videos for the friends she left behind, but she gained fans on the social networking platform over time.

Donnalyn Bartolome Siblings
Donnalyn Bartolome’s beautiful mother is a businesswoman. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Donnalyn shared everything, from dance and music covers to beauty lessons. She eventually relocated to Facebook, where her notoriety took off.

As of August 2023, she has 15 million Facebook followers, 6.9 million Instagram followers, and 2.2 million Twitter followers.

The singer’s parents were always there supporting her in whatever she did. Additionally, they were delighted to see her taking on new endeavors at such a young age.

She was encouraged and inspired by her parents’ passion and dedication as she grew up in a large household.

Hence, she decided to follow in her parent’s footsteps when she was older.

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Furthermore, her parents and siblings are proud of her for achieving such fame in her several professional domains.

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