[Link Full] Video Encierro Hoy San Fermin

[Link Full]: Video Encierro Hoy San Fermin

I’m glad you’re back with Video Encierro Hoy San Fermin. In Pamplona, ​​​​the northern Spanish city, on July 7, the first bullfight of the San Fermín festivities took place, in which miles of value participated. In addition, fights occurred, but the bull did not hurt the nadie.
It is said that the festivities of San Fermín begin in the 13th century. Ernest Hemmingway mentioned it in his novel “El sol también volvió a salir” in 1926.

Video content Encierro Hoy San Fermin

Victoriano del Río Cortés, a cattleman from Guadalix de la Sierra (Madrid), participated in the XIII San Fermín festivities and posed with the fastest bulls of the entire fair. Bulls from the Victoriano del Río Cortés cattle ranch were chosen to lead the herd in the final race at San Fermín, which marks the seventh consecutive time that the winner of this finca has played an important role in the event. Today’s race was the fastest and most dangerous, and the bulls completed the race in 2 minutes and 18 seconds, making it an attractive and exciting race. Although at first the herd appeared together, it quickly dispersed and at the top of Telefónica the first log fell into a corridor before rushing down the access road to the city of Pamplona. According to the initial information from the medical team, 5 people resulted in heridas, one of them inherited by a toro blade.

Video Encierro Hoy San Fermin
Video Encierro Hoy San Fermin

The career began punctually, as tradition dictates, after the songs of congratulations from the Nordics. Already in downtown Santo Domingo, people would run and fall, as the speed of the maneuver increased, the runners began to have difficulties to maintain the pace. However, the logs of Victoriano del Río Cortés show no signs of slowing down, which made the race even more dangerous and exciting. On Estafeta Street, after a 90 degree turn, the bulls line up without appreciable incidents, which means that spectators remain in the village while following the development of the career.

The cattle of Victoriano del Río Cortés are notoriously dangerous in the race, but now they give the bulls a fast race in addition to an exciting race. This is the second consecutive year that the cattle from Victoriano del Río occupy the penultimate place of the bulls from San Fermín, which demonstrates the quality of their gain and their ability to lead the herd in one of the most exciting and dangerous races in the world. However, it is important to remember that this event can also be dangerous for runners and spectators, and it is essential to take adequate precautions to ensure the safety of all participants.

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The encierro de San Fermín is a celebration in honor of San Fermín de Navarra, the patron saint of the city of Pamplona. During this festivity, the logs are transferred from their captivity to the log square. The encierro begins every morning of the first week of July, usually at 8:00 am, with the launch of a pyrotechnic signal known as the “chupinazo”. This moment marks the beginning of the encierro and is when the wild logs are released to run through the cobbled streets of Pamplona.

The event is a tradition that dates back several decades and is one of the most popular and exciting festivities in Spain. Festival attendants, known as “mozos”, accompany the bulls as they run from the starting point to the bullring, to the square of an established route. This run of approximately 850 meters can last around 3 minutes, and participants intend to run ahead of the logs to reach the square safely.

Video Encierro Hoy San Fermin
Video Encierro Hoy San Fermin

The surroundings of San Fermín are a unique experience that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world each year. It is an event full of emotion and adrenaline, but it also involves considerable risks. Participation in the encierro requires caution and respect on the part of the participants, as bulls are powerful animals and can pose a danger to those unfamiliar with their behavior.

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This is an annual and traditional event in the country, which attracts thousands of people from all over the world. The party consists of two parts, after the opening comes the bullfighting program, where the bullfighters fight the bulls in the bullring. During the 7 days that the festival lasts, thousands of people line up in a narrow street to run against the bulls. Aggressive bulls seek to chase assistants, which makes the career both exciting and dangerous.

Although the siege of San Fermín is a popular celebration, it is also an event that can be dangerous. From Video Encierro Hoy San Fermin we can see the danger of this party. It’s not just minor injuries that can cause death. According to the statistics, in the last time celebrated in 2019 before the outbreak of COVID-19, there were 8 participants who were cuckolded by cows. A total of 16 people have died in bullfights since 1910, demonstrating that participation in this event can be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken.

For two years, 2020 and 2021, the festival has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and this is also the first time this event has been canceled since the 1936-1939 civil war in Spain. While the cancellation of the event was a necessary measure to ensure the health and safety of all participants and spectators, it was also a great loss for Spanish culture and tradition.

La suerte de los toros del Video Encierro Hoy San Fermin

A gladiator’s truth is a bull breeder’s honor. If the torus that created the gladiator and exhibited special fighting qualities, then the creator made him work perfectly. After that, the bull withdrew from the arena to continue giving birth to generations of aggressive young.

However, it is important to remember that bullfighting is a controversial and controversial topic in today’s society. Many people argue that the practice of fighting animals is inhumane and cruel, and goes against animal rights. Others argue that bullfighting is a tradition rooted in Spanish culture and should be preserved.

The prestigious cattle ranch of Álvaro Núñez supplies logs to races all over the country for 13,000 euros each, although a smaller log can be bought for a third of this amount. “Our brand is reliable because the animals give excellent results, in the skin’s huyen and always attack”, explains Álvaro.


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