King the Land Episode 16 Recap and Review: New Beginnings and a Satisfying Finale

King the Land (킹더랜드) is a rom-com Kdrama that brings the story of an heir and an employee who works at one of the hotels owned by his family. Directed by Im Hyun-wook, the drama stars Lee Jun-ho, Im Yoon-ah, Go Won-hee, Kim Ga-eun, Ahn Se-ha, and Kim Jae-won, alongside other cast members.

The drama brings the story of the heir Goo Won who has been thrown into an inheritance war, and the happy Cheon Sa-rang, whose smile moves him like no other. As the two begin to spend more time together, a beautiful love begins to bloom in their story.

The show will have 16 episodes and be broadcasted on jTBC on the Saturday-Sunday slot at 10:30 PM (KST) previously occupied by Doctor ChaKing the Land episode 16 has a run time of 73 minutes.

– King the Land Episode 16 Review Contains Spoilers –

King the Land Episode 16 Recap

King the Land episode 16 begins with a worried grandmother asking Sa-rang the reason behind her return. Sa-rang finally tells her that she is unable to find purpose in her job and wishes to do something else. This makes her grandmother happy as she finally sees her granddaughter complaining for once in her life; she is supportive of her decision and wishes her the best.

The scene shifts to Gu Won and Sa-rang’s dinner where the former is ready to propose to her when Sa-rang tells him that she wants to quit. While this shocks Gu Won for a moment, he gets his rationale back and asks her what she meant by this. Sa-rang tells him that she wishes to quit working and begin a new chapter in her life by opening a hotel herself.

King the Land Episode 16 Review
King the Land Episode 16 still

This brings back Gu Won’s breath as he finally understands what she wants to do, thus, putting the proposal on hold he supports Sa-rang in her new chapter. He lets her know that he is always there for her and the night soon comes to an end.

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The next day, Sa-rang has lunch with Il-hoon and tells him about her plans before finally quitting her job at the King Hotel. After saying her goodbyes to everyone, she leaves for the bus stop where Gu Won surprises her with flowers and shoes to begin her new story. Following this, Sa-rang and Gu Won get busy with their individual goals.

Gu Won works to bring the service and incentives at King Hotel to another level while also giving Sang-sik the promotion he had been waiting for. Meanwhile, Sa-rang looks for the perfect property to set up her new hotel and finally finds a place that she finds to be perfect. This calls in for celebrations as her friends get together after which her grandmother gives her the money she had saved for her granddaughter.

King the Land Episode 16 Review
King the Land Episode 16 still

Sa-rang soon begins to set up her dream hotel, meanwhile, Ji-hu prepares to leave for the U.S. the next day. Gu Won is able to see that the child is not really happy and decides to have a talk with Hwa-ran. He tells her Ji-hu’s real wish and hopes that Hwa-ran doesn’t make herself a lonely person.

Hwa-ran is hit by these words, thus, the next day when she sees her son leave she finally decides to no longer bear this pain and takes him back home to live together from then on. On the other hand, Sa-rang is finally able to set up her new place, Hotel Amor, and uploads pictures of the same online.

Elsewhere, Gu Won takes part in a press conference where she tells the media about the plans he has for the hotel and how he wishes to make this a place filled with genuine smiles. Later that night, Sa-rang falls asleep while working when she suddenly hears a rustle and leaves her room.

King the Land Episode 16 Review
King the Land Episode 16 still

There she finds Gu Won who has filled the place with flowers. The two share a romantic evening together while reminiscing about their time on the island where they spent the night when they hated each other. Suddenly, their atmosphere becomes ambiguous and Sa-rang asks Gu Won to spend the night at her new hotel.

The next morning, the two share a lovely breakfast before preparing to usher in their guests. Meanwhile, Ro-eun takes Pyeong-hwa to meet his mother, but to the graveyard. In the following days, Sa-rang gets busy with her hotel but sees Gu Won dropping by every day which makes her concerned for his health.

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She tells him that she will be hiring a part-timer and that he no longer needs to drop by so frequently. Gu Won accepts her wishes, but later surprises Sa-rang by dropping by as an interviewee for the job. Sa-rang is amused by his behaviour and has no choice but to give up and accept his request.

King the Land Episode 16 Review
King the Land Episode 16 still

However, the mood soon changes when Gu Won tells her his wish to stay with her forever and finally goes through with his proposal that had been put on hold for too long. Sa-rang is surprised and happily accepts his proposal. Later, the two get together to celebrate Sa-rang’s grandmother’s birthday where Gu Won formally asks for her permission to marry Sa-rang.

King the Land Episode 16 Ending

The two get the elder’s approval and the jolly mood cannot be contained. King the Land soon gets decorated for their big day and Mi-so arrives for her son’s wedding. She comes across Hwa-ran and her son which results in a peaceful conversation between the two sides without any scruples.

Il-hoon arrives to meet his son before the ceremony and the father-son duo share a heartwarming moment before the former leaves to join Mi-so for the wedding. The ceremony soon begins and the groom makes his entrance followed by the bride who is welcomed with cheers from everyone in the hall.

The ceremony soon comes to a completion and the episode comes to an end. However, right then we have a special epilogue of Gu Won dressing up for Sa-rang as they decide on his wedding outfit. The two once again share another lovely moment while acknowledging the audience who have been watching them throughout their journey.

King the Land Episode 16 Review
King the Land Episode 16 still

King the Land Episode 16 Review

Episode 16, aka, the King the Land finale has brought in some lovely and heartwarming moments which once again highlight the simplicity and strength of the relationship between Sa-rang and Gu Won. This was one of the smoothest endings to any Kdrama and definitely one that satisfies everyone watching the show.

While Gu Won and Sa-rang gave us the perfect ending to their story, Hwa-ran’s character change was within expectation and we are not complaining about this. However, I am not ready to agree that her fighting spirit has been extinguished in any way and I’m pretty sure that she can still fight well.

However, this doesn’t stop anyone from being happy as this finale really brought in an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. I have also loved how light this episode has been after the rollercoaster we have all been through which only makes me love the ending even more.

Altogether, this show has left me happy and content and this in itself is commendable because this is what we need every once in a while.

What did you think about the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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