King the Land Episode 15 Recap and Review: A Heartfelt Reunion, But With Another Separation?

King the Land (킹더랜드) is a rom-com Kdrama that brings the story of an heir and an employee who works at one of the hotels owned by his family. Directed by Im Hyun-wook, the drama stars Lee Jun-ho, Im Yoon-ah, Go Won-hee, Kim Ga-eun, Ahn Se-ha, and Kim Jae-won, alongside other cast members.

The drama brings the story of the heir Goo Won who has been thrown into an inheritance war, and the happy Cheon Sa-rang, whose smile moves him like no other. As the two begin to spend more time together, a beautiful love begins to bloom in their story.

The show will have 16 episodes and be broadcasted on jTBC on the Saturday-Sunday slot at 10:30 PM (KST) previously occupied by Doctor ChaKing the Land episode 15 has a run time of 75 minutes.

– King the Land Episode 15 Review Contains Spoilers –

King the Land Episode 15 Recap

King the Land episode 15 begins with the return of Gu Won’s mother, Han Mi-so. She arrives at King the Land and meets Il-hoon, telling him to let her son be free with whatever he wants instead of being burdened the way they were. She hopes he gets the happy ending they did not have because of Il-hoon’s father’s opposition to the two which later separated her from her son.

With this, she gets up to leave but when Il-hoon asks her to not appear before Gu Won, she tells him that it is her choice to make. Later, she sees Gu Won hurrying to King the Land and she decides to follow him. There she calls out to her son and the two leave to talk. Faced with the son she hadn’t seen in years, all Mi-so can say is sorry as she is overwhelmed with emotions.

King the Land Episode 15 Review
King the Land Episode 15 still

However, what ends up leaving her shocked is Gu Won’s behaviour which is mature and too understanding which makes it seem like he doesn’t care about her presence. But what she doesn’t know is about the tears filling Gu Won’s eyes after he leaves the room. Right then, Gu Won returns to the room and gives her a hug as a reminder of the feelings that once existed between the two.

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Following this, Gu Won rushes to Sa-rang who continues to spend her days at the King Tourist Hotel. However, she soon gets the news that the hotel is shutting down due to poor performance and even the head of the hotel is unbothered about the whole ordeal. Sa-rang decides to continue to give her best and works hard at the hotel.

Right then, Gu Won arrives and the two share an emotional moment at their reunion. The moment soon breaks when Sa-rang is called to hurry up and help with setting up a banquet hall and she takes Gu Won with her. Once again reminiscing their days at King the Land, Gu Won gets onto setting the tables when Sa-rang’s colleague walks in and takes him to be a part-timer.

However, she soon realises his identity and is shocked but Gu Won does not take it to heart and continues with his work. Later, Gu Won tells Sa-rang about having met his mother and how she was exactly how Sa-rang had told him about her. Following this, Sa-rang tells him about her time at this hotel and her wish to stay there for another week so that she can help out with the upcoming banquets.

King the Land Episode 15 Review
King the Land Episode 15 still

She also tells him about the hotel being shut down in the near future and also about the beautiful surroundings that have comforted her during the past few weeks. The next day, Sa-rang takes Gu Won along the paths she has been walking through the past weeks and the two share a warm time together.

Later, Gu Won creates a plan for the future of this hotel and finally buys it from the head who had been trying to sell the hotel. On the other hand, Pyeong-hwa is once again taunted for her divorce by the pilot who keeps hitting on her. However, this time she doesn’t listen to him quietly but responds to him but giving him a good kick and letting him know that she will reveal his behaviour to his wife.

Ro-eun is surprised by this but also happy as he rushes out behind her and later lets her know that he will always be by her side. Hearing his words of support and filled with a protectiveness for her, Pyeong-hwa finally accepts his love with open arms. A few days later, Sa-rang and Gu Won finally leave for Seoul when her friends along with Ro-eun and Sang-sik decide to surprise her.

King the Land Episode 15 Review
King the Land Episode 15 still

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However, they are left stunned by the news of Sa-rang’s departure and this results in Sang-sik finally yielding the command to Da-eul. Elsewhere, Sa-rang resumes her work at King the Land but is able to distinguish Il-hoon’s displeasure towards her. Meanwhile, Gu Won tells Il-hoon about his plan for the hotel but avoids talking about what happened behind his back.

King the Land Episode 15 Ending

Later, he comes across Hwa-ran who is not content with Gu Won getting the hotel and promises to take it back. Gu Won tells her that he does not wish to fight as they are family, only to be scoffed by Hwa-ran. Later, Hwa-ran’s husband storms inside their house after she made his mistress leave with some money.

King the Land Episode 15 Review
King the Land Episode 15 still

The two confront each other and Hwa-ran ends up in tears which are seen by her son. The little boy then promises to always listen to his mother and that he will leave for the U.S. the very next day. The next day, Da-eul is told to make one of her juniors leave which makes her pull out proof against Do Ra-hee, who has been using the company’s card for her personal use and also falsifying the documents in her favour.

Seeing that there is no way out, Ra-hee tells her about her connections when Gu Won arrives at the department store and indirectly reveals his friendship with Da-eul. Seeing this, Ra-hee understands that there is nothing else that she can do and Da-eul tells her that she will now submit a report against her.

Elsewhere, Sa-rang is worried about something while Gu Won prepares a ring to propose to her. A few days later, the two arrive at the restaurant where they spent Sa-rang’s birthday a long time ago. Gu Won is unable to keep his nerves in check and finally, when the moment comes, Sa-rang tells him that she wants to call it quits.

King the Land Episode 15 Review
King the Land Episode 15 still

King the Land Episode 15 Review

From making us fly onto heaven to throwing us down back to earth, episode 15 was the biggest rollercoaster ride that I have taken all year long. The couple once again show us a beautiful and very sorted side of a relationship, however, the bomb dropped at the end has to be among the top 10 of 2023.

To begin with, I really loved Gu Won’s maturity when his mother appeared before him and apologised. While it may seem cold to some, this is the kind of reality that we need to see and learn from. Later, the hug the two shared was also beautiful and so free from drama that I could actually feel the love between the two.

On the other hand, Sa-rang’s optimism and hard work once again make us go wow as she decides to not sulk at the tourist hotel but go out and explore the place. This is the kind of female lead that we need to see more often and this is what we have gotten from this show.

Finally, the couple once again make me melt with their interaction. However, the bomb at the end made me go blank for a moment because it was so unexpected. Let’s hope that there is something else hidden behind this scene because one thing that this show has done well is confusing us with its cliffhangers and previews.

What did you think about the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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