King Monada silences bad reports about Makhadzi

King Monada reacts to those who are very interested in causing conflict between him and Makhadzi.

Monada used her Facebook account to refute false rumors about singer Ma Gear.


He said some people are spreading bad reports about Makhadzi for allegedly not performing at his concert.

King said that no such thing happened; he urges people to stop activating the beef between them.

“Anyone who wants to write bad things about Makhadzi for not attending my event better write about me. I ARE FULL RESPONSIBILITY. Some people love to watch us fight and have fun,” he wrote.

“This is so profound and I appreciate you for being a bigger person. 2023 is for love and peace,” the award-winning singer replied to Monada’s post.

Speaking of beef, Makhadzi and King Monada have been vying for a hit collaboration product called Ghanama in 2021.

Months later, the two squashed beef and are now in a good relationship.


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