Kayla Braxton parents: Meet mother and father

This report deals with Kayla Braxton’s parents as we explore who his mother and father are. Kayla Braxton’s real name is Kayla Braxton. She is an American sports broadcaster signed to WWE. Becker was born on June 7, 1991, in Wadley, Alabama, and is of biracial descent. At the age of nine, her mother was incarcerated, and she was subsequently raised in a foster home. During her teenage years, she actively participated in public speaking competitions.

She obtained a degree in broadcast journalism from Belmont University and began creating online content while in college.

She produced several digital entertainment shows for her school and the Nashville, Tennessee, area. Six months after graduating, she launched her own entertainment web and TV segment in Orlando, Florida, which is a top-20 television market.

In October 2016, Ms. Becker entered into a contractual agreement with the American professional wrestling organization, WWE, and was subsequently bestowed with the ring name Kayla Braxton. Her debut appearance occurred on October 20th of that same year, during an episode of NXT held in Lakeland, Florida, where she served as both a host and ring announcer.

Ms. Braxton’s first pay-per-view appearance took place on May 21, 2017, during Backlash, where she acted as a backstage interviewer. She continued to make appearances at various other pay-per-view events, including Battleground 2017, SummerSlam 2017, and Hell in a Cell 2017, among others.

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While working as a ring announcer on NXT, Ms. Braxton also appeared on Raw, 205 Live, and SmackDown, where she fulfilled the roles of both ring announcer and backstage interviewer.

On August 17, 2019, Ms. Braxton permanently left NXT for the main roster, and was replaced by Alicia Taylor the following week. Currently, Ms. Braxton serves as a backstage interviewer on SmackDown, as well as co-host of The Bump. Since August 22, 2020, she has also been the host of Talking Smack, which was subsequently renamed to SmackDown LowDown, alongside Paul Heyman.

What happened to Kayla Braxton?

WWE presenter Kayla Braxton has recently addressed the controversial backstage interview she conducted with Paul Heyman on SmackDown. During the interview, Braxton sought to address rumors surrounding Roman Reigns, The Bloodline, and Jey Uso’s actions from the previous week.

However, Heyman diverted the conversation by offering his opinions on other topics, including Edge’s rumored last match on SmackDown and Austin Theory’s recent victory over LA Knight, which he proceeded to mock.

Heyman further escalated the situation by making personal remarks towards Braxton, suggesting that they could discuss rumors surrounding her family instead of Reigns’. He went on to inquire about Braxton’s mother and her experiences spending time with her father.

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A social media user recently commended Kayla Braxton for her display of professionalism during an interview, prompting her to speak out on the matter. Braxton stated that she made a conscious decision to uphold a standard of class and professionalism throughout the interview.

Kayla Braxton parents: Meet mother and father

Information regarding the parents of Kayla Braxton remains undisclosed. However, it is known that she is of mixed race, and at the age of nine, her mother was incarcerated, leading to her being raised in a foster home. During her teenage years, she actively engaged in public speaking competitions.

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