JM Canlas Cause Of Death and Obituary: Did He Commit Suicide?

This article will inform readers about the cause of death of JM Canlas, his obituary and also know if he committed suicide.

Jamile Matthew Madiclum Canlas, a Filipino actor, singer, and Youtuber, has voiced over and appeared in a number of children’s movies.

Additionally, JM worked in the entertainment industry for a while and made appearances in a few films and television shows, which helped him gain notoriety.

While this was happening, Canlas gained notoriety for roles he played in films like Kiko Boksingero, The Flaming History of the Dela Cruz Family, The Harvest, and Unconditional.

What caused the death of JM Canlas?

There is a lot of confusion among JM Canlas’ fans and supporters because the cause of his death was not disclosed to the media. Because of this, some people think Canlas may have killed himself.

JM’s passing was reported via a Facebook page, which also mentioned that he had mental health issues. Because of this, some social media users are claiming that Canalas committed suicide before passing away.

But as of the publication of this post, nothing can be verified. The family is presently grieving the loss of their cherished member and appears to be looking for privacy during this trying time.

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In order to aid them, the family also asked people to talk about their problems. The message reads, “Please proceed to the emergency room of the hospital closest to you if you are currently in distress and require URGENT ATTENTION. ”.

What is the obituary of JM Canlas?

His family has already posted JM Canlas’ obituary on Facebook. At the age of 17, he passed away on August 3rd, 2023. Everyone was shocked by Canlas’ passing because he was close to a lot of people.

Following the sad announcement, fans and followers are sending the family condolence messages. Genius Celebs extends its deepest sympathies to the family, friends, and loved ones of the Canlas in light of their tragic loss.

When Canlas passed away, someone who knew him wrote in his honor: “Celebrity deaths usually don’t affect me, but because of Gameboys, I feel that I got to know the Canlas family because of their streams and interviews together. ”.

“This is devastating,” he continued. My condolences and prayers are with the family.
Peace be with you, JM Canlas.
In addition, fans are curious about the specifics of the actor’s funeral arrangements.

According to the family, the wake will begin on August 4, 2023, at 8 p.m., and last until August 6, 2023, at St. Room 116, Peter Chapel, Quezon Avenue.

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What illness killed JM Canlas?

As previously stated, JM Canlas passed away at the young age of 17. Many people then start asking inquiries about his illness. There are no reports of Canlas battling any diseases.

In a statement released shortly after his passing, Canlas’ family claimed that he had struggled with his mental health in his adolescence.

Canlas simply managed his mental illness, which ultimately caused his death, it can be said. JM’s health status is unknown at this time.


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