James Dwerryhouse Death: Anuradha Bhupathiraju Arrest

An Indian-born nurse has been charged with negligent manslaughter over the death of 7-year-old James Dwerryhouse at the UK’s largest children’s hospital in 2016.

James Dwerryhouse died of severe traumatic brain injury in 2016. A year after James’ tragic death, the victim’s family sued HCA Healthcare UK.

The victim’s family said James was full of life, cheeky, cheerful, cheerful and sometimes naughty like any other boy, but he had health difficulties and needed a lot of health support during his life. childhood.

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James Dwerryhouse’s Death

James Dwerryhouse died in August 2016. He went to a private children’s hospital for surgery to remove the colostomy bag. The surgery was successful, but he passed away due to the negligence of hospital staff.

According to reports, James suffered severe brain damage due to cardiac arrest after his breathing monitor was turned off for almost three hours.

James Dwerryhouse's Death
James Dwerryhouse, who had a successful surgery, died due to negligence by hospital staff in August 2016. (Image source: guard)

He has a number of other health problems, including gastrointestinal problems (must be fed through a tube), epilepsy, vision and hearing impairments. In addition, he has sleep apnea, which can cause life-threatening apnea.

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According to James’ father, John Dwerryhouse, he was very active and playing with his Playmobil characters after a successful colostomy.

On the night of August 25, 2016, eight staff and agency staff were providing overnight care for six children.

In an interview with The Guardian, the family’s legal representative, attorney Hudgell, claimed that workers have since provided conflicting stories about what happened.

According to the hospital’s critical incident report, an employee removed James’ tracking device at 1:15 a.m. without consulting a more senior staff member.

It is also reported that the staff took night shifts beyond the time allowed by the hospital’s regulations.

The investigation discovered errors in the recording of events, including failure to record James’ observations throughout the night.

The audible alert was said to have gone off when staff reconnected James’ surveillance equipment at 3:58 a.m. Uncertainty exists about how long it takes the person to request assistance.

Anuradha Bhupathiraju Arrested and Charged

Indian-born nurse, Anuradha Bhupathiraju, 62, recently appeared in court. Bhupathiraju is accused of killing 7-year-old James Dwerryhouse at a private children’s hospital in England.

Anuradha Bhupathiraju changed with gross negligence of the boy’s death.

Now, the nurse has been charged. Anuradha, who has more than 30 years of experience, is accused of causing James’ death by turning off his monitor without a doctor’s permission.

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Bhupathiraju appeared in a brief hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court and confirmed her name, address and date of birth. The nurse has been released on bail and will appear at Southwark Crown Court next month, the Daily Mail reports.

Who is James Dwerryhouse? Wikipedia And Age

James Dwerryhouse is a child who died after a nurse allegedly turned off his breathing monitor for nearly three hours.

James Dwerryhouse's Death
James Dwerryhouse’s parents, John and Marguerite Dwerryhouse. (Image source: Daily mail)

As mentioned above, he was going to one of the famous hospitals for anal pouch surgery when tragedy struck. James was preparing to transfer to a new class at the school at the time of his death.

James Dwerryhouse’s parents, John and Marguerite, sued the hospital in 2017. The victim’s mother said that despite a lot of health support, the boy was still full of life, humour, and wit. and sometimes mischievous like other small children.

James’ mother added: “Everybody loves him, from his school to his health advocates. The operation is a success. Heartbroken parents say losing their precious child because of hospital staff’s negligence is something they cannot and will never accept.

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