Is Mai Titi Arrested And Charges Linked To Leaked Video?

The news that the Zimbabwean comedian and musician was arrested has attracted everyone’s attention. Mai Titi was arrested and charged with a leaked video? Let’s know!

Felistas Murata better known as Mai Titi is a famous comedian and musician from Zimbabwe. She is currently in the spotlight for her abandoned videos and property theft charges.

Professionally, she is also a businessman and MC. In addition, Mai is also the winner of the 2019 Top Female Entertainment and Social Media Business Leader award.

In addition, Titi attended Mufakose and Glenview High. Titi is often controversial for many topics. People also know her from the many controversial topics she has been involved in.

Currently, netizens are wondering about the news of her arrest. Let’s see if Titi will be charged for the leaked video or something else.

Mai Titi Has Been Arrested And Sued For The Leaked Video?

Zimbabwean musician and comedian Mai Titi has charge with the theft of trust property after a trial in the first instance court.

According to sources, the musician was found guilty of theft of trust property after she defaulted on a $10,000 debt and used a rented car as collateral.

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So people are worried about arrest news as many people think this has something to do with leaked videos, which is not true. Previously, she made headlines and experienced an unwanted whirlwind because of her leaked photos.

Mai Titi Was Arrested And Prosecuted
Mai Titi is accused of theft of trust assets. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, Mai’s viral video caused outrage online and she blamed her husband for revealing her private information. People on social media are mocking her arrest and are sharing memes, especially on Twitter.

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Video Mai Titi And Controversy

Mai Titi is a celebrity who is often rumored to be on the internet for many reasons. As mentioned earlier, she was found guilty of theft and was also previously involved in a leaked video.

Mai’s fans were shocked to learn of the recent news about her allegations, and she is currently facing backlash over her arrest.

According to the social media posts, Bang has filed a request to have her remanded until Wednesday pending sentencing. Likewise, social media users are making ungrateful comments and mocking the artist.

Mai Tit is controversial
Many articles have been shared about Mai Titi’s recent controversy. (Source: Twitter)

While talking about her past leaked video, she opened up about it and accused her ex-husband and her ex-friend of being responsible for the leak. Mai has filed a complaint about cyberbullying.

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In addition, Mai also attracted attention for the alleged fraud in the Harare Woman case, and the amount of bail was set at $10,000.

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Where Is Mai Titi Now- In Jail Or In Jail?

Mai Titi was remanded in custody on Tuesday and is awaiting sentencing on Wednesday. So details of her sentencing will be updated soon.

Titi applied for bail pending execution, but Judge Munashe Chibanda denied her appeal and placed her in custody. Likewise, Chibanda ruled that Bang had confirmed a preliminary lawsuit against her.

Mai Titi in jail or in prison?
ZimEye’s official page shared the news of Mai Titi’s conviction on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

Sources have yet to officially share more information about her case, so everyone must wait for the final court verdict unless any corroborating news is shared.

News of Titi’s allegation was widely shared in the media, being shared by people and given opinions on the ongoing controversies.

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