Is Lincoln Nebraska Man Found?

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Tyler Goodrich’s missing update currently shows no signs of being found. Here’s everything you need to know about the missing person from Nebraska.

Tyler Goodrich is a 35-year-old man from Lincoln whose name has been making the rounds online in recent days, and it all started after his closest friends shared the news of his disappearance.

The missing person was close to everyone and people close to him shared the news intensively on various social media platforms.

His friends and family have also urged the public to help the family find their beloved member soon. Online users are eager to learn more about Tyler’s missing person case.

So, I have compiled everything from the available sources and shared the details in this article.

Tyler Goodrich missing Update: Has a Lincoln Nebraska man been found yet?

Tyler Goodrich’s missing update shows no signs of being found as of this post. However, everyone has spread the information widely on the Internet.

He has been missing since November 3, 2023 and is causing great concern for his family and loved ones. Tyler’s mother also shared the news on her Facebook account.

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Tyler Goodrich is missing
Tyler Goodrich was last tracked in Lincoln, NE near W Van Dorn and Hwy 77 near the running route. (Source: Facebook)

She wrote: “My son Tyler Goodrich has disappeared. He left home on November 23rd. on foot. LPD is involved. His phone was pinged late Friday night at 10th and Van. If anyone knows anything, please get in touch. I’m very worried. I love you son.”

It is said that the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office is also aware of Goodrich’s disappearance and may also provide some news soon.

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Where was Tyler Goodrich last seen?

Tyler Goodrich was last seen following in Lincoln, NE near W Van Dorn and Hwy 77 near the running track. He reportedly went missing at 7:45 p.m. on Friday

It was discovered that Tyler left his home to run. According to people close to Goodrich, his phone showed activity near Southwest 10th and West Van Dorn streets.

Tyler Goodrich last seen
Tyler Goodrich was last seen carrying gray pants, a shirt and a Garmin watch. (Source: Facebook)

However, the phone was not found. A Facebook group has also been created to help the family find their loved one soon.

One person on Facebook wrote: “Please please please keep an eye out for Tyler. He and I worked in the same office when I was at my old brokerage and he is a wonderful, caring man. This is a completely unexpected turn of events and his family and friends are just sickened by it.”

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More facts about missing person Tyler Goodrich

Missing person Tyler Goodrich was last seen carry gray pants, a shirt and a Garmin watch. Friends and family of Tyler have reported that he is 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds.

In addition, several pictures of the missing person were also shared on Facebook. There is also a Facebook account under the name Goodrich.

Missing Person Tyler Goodrich
Tyler Goodrich is a missing person who has not been seen since November 3, 2023. (Source: Facebook)

He shared some snapshots with his loved ones on his Facebook handle. Further information regarding his personal and professional life is not available in the media.

Goodrich’s family is asking anyone with information to contact the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office at 402-441-6500.

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