Is Ethel Chisono Arrested? Arrest Charge And Insult

[Link to watch]: Is Ethel Chisono Arrested? Arrest Charge And Insult

News of Ethel Chisono’s arrest is all over the internet and people want to know more about her charges. For more information, see this article.

Ethel Chisono is from Lusaka, Zambia and lives in Elmont, New York. According to her Facebook bio, Chisono is the CEO of One Boss Lady Entertainment.

She is also the owner/president of Ethel Cleaning Services, LLC. She also worked as a real estate salesperson for UN General Realtors Group LLC.

Likewise, Chisono is a former real estate agent at Mwamba Realty Inc. She is active on Facebook and in the past few days her name has gone viral on the internet.

Various social media platforms are asking for updates on Chisono’s arrest. Below is everything you need to know about her case.

Will Ethel Chisono be arrested?

News of Ethel Chisono’s arrest has drawn significant public attention, with many claiming that she has been arrested as a result of her recent actions. However, there is no official news of their detention.

In addition, Chisono recently shared a post on Facebook saying she had been taken for interrogation. Because of this, many believed Chisono had been arrested by the police.

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Ethel Chisono arrested
The news of Ethel Chisono’s arrest is going viral on the Internet, but there is no official information about it. (Source: Facebook)

In addition, Chisono made headlines when she insulted the President in her live video. In the viral video, Chisono can be seen expressing her strong opinions, insulting and criticizing the President of the Republic of Zambia.

Because of this, other videos of Ethel arguing with cops went viral on Facebook. Because of this, online users suspect that Ethel may have been arrested.

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Details of Ethel Chisono’s arrest and charge

Details of Ethel Chisono’s arrest and charges were searched as news of her arrest swept the internet quickly became known. So far, no official news of her arrest has been shared with the tabloids.

Currently, a viral video of Chisono arguing with police officers has taken over various social media platforms.

Arrest of Ethel Chisono
Ethel Chisono’s name has been trending on various social media platforms since her Facebook Live went viral. (Source: Facebook)

In the video, police interrogated the lady and also asked her to go outside to have a conversation.

In addition, a post was shared on Ethel’s Facebook profile, in which she mentioned that she landed safely and was only taken away for questioning.

Ethel Chisono insult and scandal explained

Ethel Chisono’s slander videos are a hot topic on the internet right now. As previously mentioned, Chisno was seen expressing her strong opinions in a Facebook Live, insulting and criticizing the President of the Republic of Zambia.

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Because of this, many people criticized her, saying that Chisono should be punished for her words to the President. The viral videos can be found on various social media platforms such as Facebook and TikTok.

Ethel Chisono insult
Ethel Chisono is said to have been insulted the President of the Republic of Zambia in a Facebook Live. (Source: Facebook)

After receiving major backlash online, Chisono said she did not insult the president. She also said her words were taken out of context and that she was unfairly portrayed in the media.

In addition, Ethel claims that she has the right to free speech and stands by her views despite the backlash she has received. Her controversial remark has attracted a lot of media attention lately.

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