In Jail Or Prison? Arrest Case Update

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Where is Rashad Jamal now? Following the arrest of the popular prophet, people are eager to get the latest information on his current case.

Rashad Jamal, popular on social media as Dave Insight, is a self-proclaimed new age prophet who has a huge fan following on various social media channels.

He has more than 182,000 followers on his TikTok account, where Jamal can be followed under the username @rashadjamal22. Jamal is also one of the most influential in a group of loosely connected spiritual influencers.

Furthermore, Jamal claims that blacks and Latinos are not actually people, but rather gods and goddesses. His name has been making rounds on the internet in recent days.

Everyone is excited about Jamal’s arrest news which has gone viral on various social media platforms.

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Where is Rashad Jamal: in prison or in prison?

After Rashad Jamal’s arrest news, people are worried about the current status of his case and want to know whether he is in jail or in prison. The news of his arrest went viral on various social media platforms including TikTok.

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A Vice report, obtained from court documents, said Jamal was sentenced to 18 years in prison and an additional 22 years of probation, for a total of 40 years.

Where is Rashad Jamal?
Rashad Jamal was arrested and is being arrested sentenced to 18 years in prison and 22 additional years of probation, for a total of 40 years. (Source: Vice)

Not to mention, Jamal has reportedly been convicted of child molestation and cruelty to children. A judge in Georgia then sentenced him to prison.

Taking this into account, it can be said that Rashad must be in prison. According to a report by Fox NewsJamal is located in Barrow County, Georgia.

Everything about the update on Rashad Jamal’s arrest case

Rashad Jamal was reportedly arrested after being convicted of child molestation and cruelty to children. Rashad’s conviction immediately sparked new theories of the plan from his most loyal followers.

His supporters insist that the trial against Jamal is aimed at suppressing his spiritual power and reach. He was convicted of one count of child abuse and one count of first-degree child cruelty.

Arrest of Rashad Jamal
Rashad Jamal was arrested and the news went viral on various social media platforms. ( Source: Twitter )

Likewise, Rashad was found not guilty in another count of child molestation. The child Jamal was convicted of abusing is the child of his ex-partner Darshell Smith, with whom he also has a son.

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Furthermore, Jamal’s imprisonment sparked anger and dismay among his fans, who insisted that secret and powerful forces were framing him.

News of Rashad Jamal Arrest – What Did He Do?

News of Rashad Jamal’s arrest has swept the internet. As already mentioned, he was arrested and already sentenced to prison. Because of this, people are eager to learn more about Jamal’s deeds.

The reason for his detention came after he was there accused his malicious actions towards his former partner Darshell Smith’s child.

News about the arrest of Rashad Jamal
Rashad Jamal is facing his jail time and everyone has been asking for more updates. ( Source: Twitter )

These acts included the abuse and ill-treatment of a minor, leading to serious criminal charges against him. A tech news channel on YouTube called Motherboard reported that Jamal has been in jail since May 3, 2022.

Jamal is currently serving time in prison after a Georgia judge sentenced him to 18 years in prison. More updates on his case could be released in the years to come.

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