How to clean baking oven easily

Baking has become one of the most popular pastimes in the post-pandemic era.


From children to adults, everyone enjoys the process of making delicious desserts, pies and other baked goods.

In addition to mixing ingredients with the correct techniques in the right proportions, it is important to use the right equipment.

A good, clean oven will make your baked goods so much better. Just like any other kitchen appliance, even the oven needs regular cleaning.

So, how important is regular oven cleaning? How should you go about cleaning it? Here’s everything you need to know about tips and tricks for cleaning your oven.

Is oven cleaning important?
Even a simple process like baking can cause harmful bacteria and residue to build up inside your oven. This can cause the oven to run quite slowly as it has to work harder to maintain the heat and regulate the baking process. Therefore, it is important to clean the toaster oven and ensure that your oven is always clean and tidy.

How often should you clean the oven?
If you use your oven for personal or household purposes, it’s best to have it thoroughly cleaned every quarter or every three months. Meanwhile, since professional bakers use the oven quite often, experts recommend cleaning the oven once a month or more often if needed.

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How to clean 0ven easily | Simple oven cleaning tips
So how exactly should you clean the oven? Think of it as a step-by-step process and clean every layer of the oven from the outside to the inside. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

1. Wash the oven racks
Oven racks or grills tend to accumulate grease or food stains, which is why it’s so important to clean them thoroughly. Take them out of the oven, soak them overnight and rinse.

2. Clean inside
Even the inside of the oven including the sides and bottom is often dirty. It is important to pay attention to these areas and make sure they are clean before resetting the oven racks.

3. Wipe the door
Both the interior and exterior of the door can be subject to accumulation of dirt and grease due to spills and splashes of water. Make sure you pay special attention to the door and wipe it from both sides. This will make your oven look cleaner than ever and also allow you to see your final product clearly!

4. Knobs and handles
During the baking process, the oven’s temperature control knobs and handles can also get messy without us even knowing it. Removes food residue and grease on the knobs to ensure your oven is neat and orderly.

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DIY oven cleaning spray | Cleaning solutions and kitchen ingredients for oven cleaning
While there are always store-bought cleaners and other options, why not make your own cleaning solution at home? There are many kitchen ingredients that you can use to make your oven neat and tidy. Check it out:

1. Use baking soda and water
Baking soda or baking soda is one of the most effective cleaning products in the kitchen for removing stubborn stains. This humble ingredient can be made into a paste to clean the oven. Simply combine 1/2 cup of baking soda with two tablespoons of water to create a thick paste. Spread it overnight in the inside of the oven. Once dry again, wipe it with a cloth and make the oven work as good as new.

2. Make the vinegar solution
You can make your own handy oven cleaning spray using just vinegar and water. Mix one part vinegar with two parts water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray it anywhere you feel grease or dirt build up in the oven. Wipe it with a clean cloth and see the results for yourself.

3. Lemonade and water
Lemon juice is another great cleaner in our kitchens. Not only is it anti-bacterial, but it also leaves a wonderful citrus scent after cleaning. Add a little lemon juice to your existing cleaning solution. If not, you can simply dilute it with water and use it as a DIY cleaning spray.

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With our tips and tricks, your oven will shine like never before. Remember, if your oven is very dirty, you are better off contacting a professional for a thorough cleaning.


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