How old was Walter Aipolani Before Death

Bruddah Waltah is a Hawaiian musician, singer, guitarist, and songwriter. He was confirmed dead hours ago and in this write-up, we will bring you details of Bruddah Waltah’s age for you to know how old he was before his death.

Who is Bruddah Waltah ?

Borm as Walter Aipolani, Bruddah Waltah was born in Keaukaha near Hilo. He however moved to Oahu as a child with his family.

Bruddah Waltah is widely regarded as one of the best performers ever. His first performance took place in 1980, was with his brothers, in their band Aku Palu (which means “Bloody Fish Guts”).

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Tragically, their manager was shot just as they were preparing to release their first recording, and the band broke up, to play for a time with their uncle’s Hawaiian music group, Na Mele Kani. Their sister, a dancer and musician who was performing in New Zealand, had sent the brothers a cassette tape of Bob Marley’s music.

Later, as the brothers learned more about Rasta culture and music, they started a series of free concerts in Honolulu in 1983, called Tumbleland Jams.

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One of Walter Aipolani’s most famous works, “Sweet Lady of Waiāhole,” describes a well-known local fruit vendor, Fujiko Shimabukuro. Another song, “Keep Hawaiian Lands” was inspired by Bob Marley’s “Waiting in Vain”.

In his covers of reggae classics such as No Woman No Cry, Waltah changed many of the lyrics to fit the particularities of Hawaiian culture and politics.

Bruddah Waltah’s first recorded album Hawaiian Reggae – with backup band Island Afternoon – was a top hit in Hawaii in the early 1990s, selling nearly 100,000 cassette tapes as the Hawaiian reggae or Jawaiian craze took off.
Aipolani and several other Hawaiian reggae musicians disliked the term “Jawaiian”, preferring to describe their music as Hawaiian.

The term Jawaiian sparked controversy, with some musicians and critics feeling it was disrespectful to both Hawaiian and Jamaican cultures.

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Aipolani was influenced by Bob Marley, Elton John, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Bee Gees, and The Beatles, He has played with Ryan Hiraoka, Keaka Kawaauhau, HHB, Dirty Roots, Mana‘o Company, Sons of Yeshua, and Ho‘aikane.

He has also toured extensively, opening for Steel Pulse, Gregory Isaacs, Inner Circle, UB40, and other top 40 musicians. His brothers, and a sister, were also musicians, as is his nephew, Ruban Nielson of the group Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

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Bruddah Waltah Age, How Old Was He before his Death?

The exact date of birth of Bruddah Waltah is not known, it is however confirmed that Walter Aipolani’s age was 68 as of the time of his death.


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