How Much Is He Worth?

Since his father, Rupert Murdoch, decided to relinquish his role as chairman of his companies, Fox Corporation and News Corporation, leaving him in charge, Lachlan Murdoch’s net worth has been discussed when people people want to know how much. he deserves it. So how much is Lachlan Murdoch worth?

Businessman and media heir Lachlan Murdoch is an Australian-American. Lachlan Murdoch, the eldest child of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, holds the positions of executive chairman and CEO of Fox Corporation as well as co-chairman of his father’s News Corp, and when his father retires, he will succeed him. assign him.


Between Rupert Murdoch’s sons, Lachlan Murdoch and James Murdoch, the former will take charge of his father’s business when he retires. After being asked to take over the reins, Lachlan Murdoch’s net worth was discussed a lot, and in this article, we will discuss his net worth.


The eldest child of media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his ex-wife Anna Maria, Lachlan Murdoch was born in London, England, on September 8, 1971. His father owned the New York Post and he grew up in New York City . Murdoch attended Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, Trinity School in New York City, and Aspen Country Day School in Colorado as an undergraduate. He attended Princeton University for higher education, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy in 1994.

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Lachlan Murdoch succeeded his father, Rupert

Rupert Murdoch's Son: Meet Lachlan Murdoch and James Murdoch
Lachlan Murdoch with his father, Rupert Murdoch

“Throughout my professional life, I have been engaged with news and ideas every day, and that will not change,” Murdoch, 92, wrote in a memo to employees. “But it’s time for me to take on different roles knowing that we have really talented teams.” This is what Rupert Murdoch said when announcing his decision to step down as chairman of Fox Corporation and News Corporation. This means that his son, Lachlan, will succeed him.

Lachlan was called “a passionate and principled leader” by his father. Although Rupert gives the impression that Lachlan will continue the right-wing editorial stance that his media companies are famous for, it remains unclear how Fox will act under Lachlan Murdoch.

“My father firmly believed in freedom and Lachlan was fully committed to that cause,” Murdoch told staff in his memo. “Self-interested bureaucracies seek to silence those who question their origins and purposes. The upper class had an open disdain for those who were not part of their aristocratic class. Most media collude with those elites, peddling political narratives rather than pursuing the truth.”

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Lachlan Murdoch’s Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?

Known as a businessman and mass media heir who is now set to take over his father’s business, Lachlan Murdoch’s net worth is $2.7 billion. With his new role as chairman of Fox Corporation and News Corporation following his father’s resignation, his net worth will increase.


With Lachlan Murdoch’s net worth of about $2.7 billion, he can afford his own luxuries. Indeed, Lachlan attracted media attention in 2019 when he paid $150 million for a 10-acre property in Bel-Air. The “Chartwell” mansion, which appeared in the opening title sequence of the 1960s television series “The Beverly Hillbillies,” is where the phrase “Beverly Hillbillies” originated. At the time it was purchased, it was the most expensive house ever purchased in California.

When Jeff Bezos paid $300 million for a nearby mansion a few months later, Lachlan lost the title of California’s most expensive home. However, it should be noted that Bezos’ acquisition includes a 1.3-acre undeveloped plot of land that was home to Ronald and Nancy Reagan until their deaths.


It was discovered that Lachlan paid $14 million for one of his neighboring homes in August 2020. Cheryl Tiegs, a former top model, was the seller.

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