Heartbeat Episode 13 Recap and Review: Jealousy and Secrets

Heartbeat (가슴이 뛴다 / My Heart is Beating) is a fantasy rom-com Korean drama series written by Kim Ha-na and Jung Seung-joo, directed by Lee Hyun-seok and Lee Min-soo, and stars Ok Taec-yeon (Taecyeon) and Won Ji-an in lead roles, along with Park Kang-hyun and Yoon So-hee. Heartbeat episode 13 has a runtime of 60 minutes.

The drama follows half-human, half-vampire Seon Woo-hyul who desperately wants to become a human but missed his chance to switch due to unfortunate circumstances. Meanwhile, Joo In-hae, having lived a difficult life since she was young, is a cold-hearted high-school nurse who owns a guest house. Thanks to certain events, they start to share a house together which changes both of their lives for the better and makes them a little more human than they started out with.

Ok Taec-yeon was last seen in 2022’s Blind, wherein he played the role of Ryu Sung-joon while Won Ji-an’s last role was as Ha Joon-kyung in 2022’s If You Wish Upon MeHeartbeat takes over KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday 9:50 PM timeslot previously occupied by My Perfect Stranger, starring Kim Dong-wook and Jin Ki-joo.

Heartbeat Episode 13 Recap

Heartbeat episode 13 starts with Woo-hyeol almost drinking In-hae’s blood and Do-sik rushing in and putting a stop to it. The former is in disbelief over what he almost did while the latter looks at him in disgust and takes In-hae to the hospital. Later on, after getting checked out, Do-sik looks extremely stressed about her condition but is taken aback when In-hae mumbles Woo-hyeol’s name, annoying him. Elsewhere, Woo-hyeol feels extremely heartbroken over how he acted and vows to never hurt her.

When In-hae wakes up at the hospital, she is confused seeing Do-sik there and immediately asks him what happened to him. After that, she immediately asks him where Woo-hyeol is, which annoys Do-sik. An exasperated Do-sik tells her that Woo-hyeol tried to drink his blood, which she refuses to accept. Do-sik refuses to let her be by his side and even tries to dictate that she needs to leave the mansion and stay away from Woo-hyeol, which leaves her feeling confused and concerned.

Still From Heartbeat Episode 13
Still From Heartbeat Episode 13

At Shaded Oasis, Woo-hyeol wonders what could’ve happened to In-hae, having still not heard from her. He walks around the mansion and tries to contact her but Do-sik intercepts her call and talks to Woo-hyeol, warning him not to contact her again. With that, he disconnects the call and deletes his number from his phone. Helpless, Woo-hyeol wonders whether he should die in order to keep In-hae safe. Elsewhere, Yang-nam blames himself for Woo-hyeol’s current predicament.

Woo-hyeol shares his sadness with Dong-seop and mentions that he is glad that she woke him up because he was able to experience love thanks to her. The next morning, Do-sik tries to stop In-hae from going back, but she is determined to go back home. Unfortunately, Do-sik refuses to let her go back under any circumstances. However, In-hae isn’t someone who gets pushed around by anyone and refuses to let anything come in between her and someone who taught her how to live. Meanwhile, Woo-hyeol gets a visit from Hae-won, who returns the painting to him and expresses her feelings for him once more.

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Still From Heartbeat Episode 13
Still From Heartbeat Episode 13

Either way, Woo-hyeol wishes her to find someone who will love her the way that she deserves and then walks out of the house to a bridge. Interestingly, In-hae arrives at the bridge as well and rushes toward him, and hugs him. They stay in their embrace as In-hae asks Woo-hyeol to stay in their embrace as she complains about him not going to the hospital for a visit. Woo-hyeol also looks quite relieved. Back at the mansion, it is a cute reunion as In-hae tells Sang-hae and Dong-seop that she came back early to keep an eye on them!

As So-yi apologises to In-hae for the devastation that happened the other night, Hae-won threatens to put everything “to its rightful place” rather menacingly. Meanwhile, Sang-hae asks Woo-hyeol to quickly turn human since he is getting weaker but he insists on finding In-hae’s father first before doing anything. Although Sang-hae doesn’t understand the undertones, Dong-seop realises that the situation is more complicated than Woo-hyeol is letting on.

Anyway, he soon gets a call from In-hae to meet in the backyard wherein they talk about his lack of judgement and control when she was hurt and In-hae assures him that if she were Hae-sun, she would’ve been glad to have helped him with her blood. Thus, he doesn’t have anything to feel bad about. Meanwhile, Do-sik finds Man-hwi at his office and asks him to capture Woo-hyeol for him. The next morning, Woo-hyeol and Sang-hae start to distribute flyers in order to find In-hae’s father’s whereabouts, citing that he never wants her to be alone like the last day’s incident.

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Still From Heartbeat Episode 13
Still From Heartbeat Episode 13

As the three of them try to find the truth, Hae-won makes a surprise visit to Shaded Oasis and hands over Investment Withdrawal Form to In-hae and asks her to pay back the investment and penalty or hand the mansion over to her. In-hae promises to return the money one way or another for Woo-hyeol’s sake and then blocks a slap from Hae-won like a boss. Unfortunately, though, she has no idea how to get such a big amount of money back within a week. Elsewhere, Man-hwi looks at a rather weak Dong-il and relishes in the thought that he would be able to catch Woo-hyeol quite easily.

At Shaded Oasis, Dong-seop tells Woo-hyeol everything that took place between In-hae and Hae-won and asks him to check up on her. However, In-hae keeps the demand to herself and Woo-hyeol does the same by hiding the fact that he is searching for her father. Meanwhile, Yang-nam surprises Sang-hae and Dong-seop and spills the beans regarding what Woo-hyeol is planning on doing. They immediately confront him and make it clear that they don’t support this decision of his.

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Still From Heartbeat Episode 13
Still From Heartbeat Episode 13

The next morning, Sang-hae and Dong-seop continue to give Woo-hyeol the cold shoulder while In-hae is heartbroken after discovering that she doesn’t qualify for a loan. As she wonders what to do, the neighbour tells her what Woo-hyeol has been up to. Meanwhile, Woo-hyeol gets a surprising call that informs him that they know where Dong-il is. As In-hae comes back ready to have a serious chat with him, Sang-hae informs her that he has gone out.

Heartbeat Episode 13 Ending

Unfortunately, Sang-hae also lets slip in this conversation that Woo-hyeol might just stop existing after a while. Left in disbelief, she tries to contact him, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Woo-hyeol goes to Man-hwi’s house and is left gobsmacked to find a whole host of men being held captive in the basement. Unfortunately, it is here that he falls into Man-hwi’s trap and gets captured. As Woo-hyeol desperately tries to get out of the prison, Man-hwi lets Do-sik know that he has captured what he has been looking for all this while.

As Man-hwi bids Woo-hyeol a final goodbye, a tense In-hae wonders where he could be and Do-sik looks rather happy as he drives to meet his nemesis once and for all.

Heartbeat Episode 13 Review

Still From Heartbeat Episode 13
Still From Heartbeat Episode 13

I don’t understand Do-sik and Hae-won’s motivations at this point. Like, two of the “antagonists” just needed to be jealous messes, didn’t they? Moreover, there’s Man-hwi who literally has no other personality than someone who likes blood and money. Even without thinking about him, it’s still insane to imagine two characters whom we see almost every day have nothing to offer than petty teenage jealousy. At least Do-sik has something going for him. Hae-won simply has nothing to offer rather than pettiness and money.

Anyway, Woo-hyeol and In-hae continue to be cute and their scenes together are worth the way. Hopefully, something more interesting happens in the next episode and we get to learn something more. However, I am not going to hold my breath about it!

Heartbeat is streaming on Amazon Prime Video in select regions and on KBS2 in Korea.

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