Enigma Episode 4 Recap and Review: Finale’s Fast Pace Makes the Heart Race!

Enigma Episode 4 Review: The new GMMTV Thai Horror series Enigma (คน มนตร์ เวท), directed by O Patha Thongpan and Pat Thachai Komolphet, explores the strange activities at a school where top-scoring students mysteriously die. The series stars Win Metawin as Ajin, Prim Chanikarn as Farinda aka Fa, Piploy Kanyarat as Namsai, Prigkhing as Yihwa, Earn Preeyaphat as Khaohom, and other notable actors.

The four-part series will launch a new episode every Saturday starting from July 16 to August 5. It will air on Prime Video and on the GMMTV channel on YouTube for free.

– Enigma Episode 4 Review Contains Spoilers –

Enigma Plot

When a top student, Fa, notices that her classmates Matt and Wan died mysteriously, she realises that she is the next victim as she is the third top-scoring pupil at the school. When she finds evidence proving the new teacher Ajin isn’t who he claims to be, Ajin reveals the truth to her about the curse on the school that’s run by a magician. Fa and Ajin unite to find the culprit and put an end to the deadly spell.

Enigma Episode 4 Recap

Namsine reveals her face to Fa and the latter looks at the horrifying sight. Fa has cut cult marks on her face as per the enigma’s instructions, making her wholly cursed and spellbound. When she reaches for Fa, Ajin comes and protects her. Namsine and Ajin battle each other and he learns that Namsine is much stronger. He requests Fa to remain in a safe place. During their battle, somehow Ajin wins, leaving Namsine to run to the forest.

Over there, she realises that Ajin has removed the enigma curse. Namsine breaks down and Fa consoles her. Fa talks about their friendship and apologises for leaving Namsine at her worst. When the two reconcile, the sky breaks and Namsine gets controlled by the curse, making her cut her wrist. Ajin jumps in and saves her from the curse by turning himself in.

Enigma Episode 4 Review Still 3
A still from the series “Enigma”

Ajin, now a cursed enigma wizard, starts to hunt Fa. Fa runs and seeks shelter. She calls Yihwa and asks for her help. Fa surprisingly does black magic and lures Ajin. At the swimming pool, Fa puts a curse on Ajin. Ajin, who is unable to see Fa, tries to pursue her. Fa keeps stalling him before chaining his leg to a huge stone. She pushes him into the pool where magic scripts are placed. Fa starts a ritual that Ajin taught her. She successfully helps Ajin break free from the enigma curse.

Namsine and Fa reunite, and everything returns to normal. At school, when Namsine is awarded for scoring high, the students whisper about her. Thankfully, Yihwa breaks the silence and cheers her up. After this event, the students learn that Ajin has left the school. Fa throws a surprise farewell party for Ajin at his place but the latter agrees to it only if she leaves before midnight.

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After having a good time, Fa says she wants to be next to him forever. Ajin convinces Fa that she should follow some other dream but she keeps insisting. When Ajin wraps the conversation, Fa breaks down and kisses him. Ajin throws a spell and Fa goes to sleep, only to wake up in her room with a self-report in her hand.

Enigma Episode 4 Review Still 2
A still from the series “Enigma”

Days pass and we see Fa discussing with Namsine about enigma. They both are made to believe that none of the issues happened due to the spell Ajin casts. However, in the news, they both see Ajin with a celebrity. This makes them realise that indeed what they underwent is true. Seemingly, Ajin is dating a celebrity for a cause.

We are then shown Ajin’s point of view. Ajin asks his girlfriend to take him to his room but she declines. When the celebrity goes to her room, we find that the real enigma is inside showing that the so-called girlfriend is a part of the cult. When Ajin walks out of the hotel, we also see Yihwa smiling vilely at him, pointing out that she is also the cult’s member.

From the celebrity’s room, the enigma looks at Ajin who is also staring at him. The viewers get to see the face of the cult leader and the episode ends.

Enigma Episode 4 Review

Never in a million did I think that the creators will cast Bright as the villain. Almost every Thai drama fan knows how Bright and Win became a global sensation after their queer drama. Seeing them together in another series that too as the hero and a villain, is so iconic. The entire episode kept my heart racing because of the gore scenes and the narrow escape of Fa was stunningly captured and executed.

Enigma Episode 4 Review Still 4
A still from the series “Enigma”

Moreover, Win and Prim really acted so well! Though their kiss was tiny, it was enough to captivate the viewers. Hopefully, we see them in more Thai dramas because their chemistry is insanely good. Also, big kudos to Piploy, because she pulled the character of Namsine effortlessly.

Enigma is streaming on Prime Video and on YouTube. If you’ve watched the episode, let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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